Our Best Bike Bags Have Fresh New Colors

The sky is blue, the birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming. Oh, can you envision it? (heavy relaxing sigh). Well, we did when we were brainstorming the new color ways for this spring. You know choosing a new color way or pattern for a popular handlebar, trunk, and saddle bag can be a risky and challenging endeavor. We look at trends, we pick things we like, we survey our customers; but in the end, it is really a gut decision.

This spring we are proud to announce our 2 new color ways:


Clear Day Blue





We have chosen some of your favorite bags to make in these new fresh and uplifting colors. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Clear Day Blue

Available in the Chelsea Bike Trunk Bag, The Hudson Saddle Bag 2, and the ever-popular Kinga Handlebar Bag 2.

Clear Day Blue


Available in The Chelsea Trunk Bag, and the Kinga Handlebar Bag 2

Flora Chelsea Trunk Bag and Kinga Handlebar Bag


And because this Fall Colorway was so popular on our bags, we decided to make the Hudson Saddle Bag 2 in Nightlights as well.  So many choices. 

Hudson Saddle Bag in Nightlights


We hope that our new spring color ways will cheer up your ride. On or off the bike our bags our functional and fashionable.


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  • Catherine Blake

    Have the kinga but now looking at the Chelsea Trunk bag

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