Po Campo Ambassadors’ Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Po Campo Ambassadors are micromobility lovers and demanding every-day cyclists who always look to step up their bike-commuting-game. This year we asked them, “Which are the products that made a difference in your commute this 2020?” And woah, were we impressed with their picks! From the perfect multitool to carry in your saddle bag, to innovative headphones that make listening to music while riding or exercising safer. 

Holiday shopping can be stressful, but this year we got you. The following recommendations are Po Campo Ambassador Approved, meaning that they have been thoroughly vetted, tested, and given the mark of approval by everyday cyclists that look to make their commute and recreational riding safer and more enjoyable. We hope this list provides you with guidance in the holiday market, and helps build your shopping confidence when trying to pick a gift for that friend or family member who loves to ride their bike, or is soon to find out the wonders of bike riding for the first time . . . 


Montreal, Canada

“My product is the Bicycle Wine Rack  from the brand Oopsmark. I think this product is durable, fun, and practical. It’s handmade in leather and perfect to carry a wine on the go and in style for a picnic. The perfect gift for a wine lover.”

Po Campo Ambassadors’ Holiday Gift Guide 2020



Shawnee, Oklahoma

Alison Tetrick's bandana collection! I met her several years ago, and she's been a strong advocate for women on bikes; she even presented me with the 2020 Oklahoma Gravel Growler Stewardship Award! I've had the honor to be on her podcast, I love her mission, and I just like her as a human being. She's providing scholarships through this project.”

Po Campo Ambassadors’ Holiday Gift Guide 2020



Greenville, South Carolina

Lezyne Multitool. I'm not the best about bike maintenance, and winter is a great time to get it done... so I would love a gift card for a tune up from my favorite local bike shop. Better yet, pull a Grinch and sneak my bike away for a tune up, and return it to me with a Po Campo Kinga or Hudson bag, stocked with an emergency roadside repair kit. My heart will be three times bigger knowing that I'm squared away and ready to roll!

If the bike commuter on your Christmas list needs an emergency repair kit, here's what I like to have on hand:

  • spare tube (be sure it's the right size!) or a patch kit
  • pair of tire levers
  • multi tool (this one is my favorite)
  • mini pump or CO2 canisters
  • $20 cash”
    Po Campo Ambassadors’ Holiday Gift Guide 2020

    Reyna López

    Saint Paul, Minnesota 

    Spurcycle Original Bell. There’s a sea of Bicycle bells out in the market, big, small, electronic, with straps, locks, all kinds. In the end a bell is a simple, yet, sometimes neglected bicycle accessory. It’s not exactly something we think about when we go on a ride, or something we look eagerly at when browsing cycling accessories. However, count the times you use one on your daily commute, you’ll find that it’s the most frequently used accessory. 

    With so many options, it’s easy to just grab the first bell that you see at the shop, however, there’s a few things that are good to take into account when looking at a bell, how it mounts on the bike, it’s size/shape, but most importantly, how loud and what kind of sound it makes, how many times have you ring your bell, and then still ended up shouting “on your left” because it wasn’t heard?, many i bet.

    This is where the spurcycle shines. This Bell has a brass dome that rings loud and stays ringing for a few seconds, it’s ring is immediately recognized as a bicycle bell, amazingly, it’s also non-intrusive and will not be annoying to the ears. It also helps that it looks amazing, and even after two years of being mounted on my bike it still looks brand new. 

    Spurcycle is a small shop out of San Francisco that assembles these bells in the USA and guarantees them for life, what more can you ask for?!”

    Po Campo Ambassadors’ Holiday Gift Guide 2020



    Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Kent Sling/Handlebar Bag. I love the versatility of this bag! I’ve used this as a handlebar bag on the bike; as a waist pack hiking and around town; and as a chest pack fly fishing and paddling. Awesome value, especially if you don’t want to spend the cash on another “just for biking” thing. The bluesign  recycled fabric is another important plus for me, you gotta respect your mother 🌍.”

    Po Campo Ambassadors’ Holiday Gift Guide 2020



    Tucson, Arizona

    Aftershokz Headphones -  I love listening to music while on long rides and these headphones use bone conduction to let me listen to music without blocking out noise from my surroundings (i.e. cars). It’s also super handy that they are bluetooth so I don’t have wires running through my jersey and being awkward when I pull out my phone for a ‘gram pic :D”

    Po Campo Ambassadors’ Holiday Gift Guide 2020



    Cibolo, Texas

    “My favorite bike-related product has to be the Bontrager Flare RT Rear Bike Lights. Riding your bike in the daytime or night, it’s a must have to be seen by motorists. It’s a nice little light that packs a powerful punch.

    I like that it’s a powerful compact rear light with 90 lumens with an ambient light sensor. Daytime visibility can be seen up to 2km for road, city, and path. It can connect with Garmin & Bontrager ANT+ devices for control & battery status.”

    Po Campo Ambassadors’ Holiday Gift Guide 2020

    So that is the Po Campo Ambassadors’ Holiday Gift Guide for 2020! Whether you are looking for gifts on a budget or something more substantial,  you can’t go wrong with any of these. We hope these recommendations save you time and give you confidence when picking a gift for the cyclists in your life. 

    We tell you enough about our products during the year we wanted to focus on other great brands that help our Ambassadors experience the joy and freedom of their micromobile lives. But, you can always check Po Campo’s Accessory list as well for nice little stocking stuffers. We just added a few new things.  

    Happy Holidays everyone from the team at Po Campo - Ambassadors and Staff alike!

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