Po Campo + League of American Bicyclists: Everybody, Everybike!

Want a limited edition Po Campo bag while supporting the movement for safe streets and resilient communities at the same time? Here’s your chance.

Po Campo has teamed up with the League of American Bicyclists this month in support of their EVERYBODY EVERYBIKE campaign. Give $120 or more and you’ll get this limited edition Blip water bottle feed bag, perfect for holding a water bottle, snacks, phone … anything you need to keep within arms reach!

Po Campo and League of American Bicyclists

The Bike Boom has shown more Americans more #bikejoy than ever before - people of all walks of life on every type of bike. The League’s objective is to share the love of bikes with all Americans, and they’re working with Congress to advance a Transportation Bill that does just that.

Our Founder Maria Boustead is proud to sit on the Board of Directors for the League of American Bicyclists and can vouch for their work:

“Already this spring, the League brought together more than 1,100 bike advocates and enthusiasts from all 50 states for a Lobby Day event to ask for additional funding for Transportation Alternatives as well as Complete Streets. This is a grassroots organization powered by its members with a long track record of effective advocacy and supporting the diverse cycling communities across the nation.”

Support the League’s vital efforts to Invest in a Bicycle Friendly America this summer and snag that awesome Po Campo bag!

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