Po Campo on City Girl Rides: Women Lead

Our founder Maria Boustead wrote a guest post on the blog of City Girl Rides. In this article, Maria talks about how Po Campo grew from just being an idea fo the best bike bag for bike commuters to being a brand that represents cyclists like her, to being a business that elevates it all.

Maria Boustead stylish bike bags designerPhoto credit: Shelly Waldman @shuttershelly

Here's an excerpt: 

"I’m an industrial designer so by nature and by training, I’m pretty product focused. I love thinking up new product ideas, doodling out how they’d work, how’d they’d be made, even how they’d be packaged. A couple years into Po Campo, I realized that I was thinking too small. I was still thinking of Po Campo as a product, as a bike bag, when really Po Campo is a business, an organization. I realized the opportunity was not just to design a great product for people to use, and not only to create a great brand to connect our community, but to create a great business that elevates it all."

Read the entire blog post on City Girl Rides! (Full disclosure: City Girl Rides is a blog by Christina Torres, a Po Campo Brand Ambassador)


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