Products That Help You Be Seen

Products that help you be seen

Whether you are in a big city or a small town, visibility is one of the more important aspects when we talk about safety in commuting and exercising outdoors. With the Fall season quickly approaching, we are very pleased to have included innovative products that help you stay visible as a part of our Be Seen. Be Mobile. Giveaway.

Today’s blog post will highlight the brands and products that help you “Be Seen” while you are out there doing your thing. Each of these brands take your safety and wellbeing into consideration when designing or developing their products. Read on to find out more.

There are common things you can do to help yourself be seen. Here are our friendly reminders:

  • Add reflectivity any way possible.
    • Wear reflective or high-vis clothing
    • Use bags with reflective details
    • Add reflectors to bike
    • Use reflective skin spread
    • Wear reflective accessories
    • In today’s world, wear a mask with reflective stripes
  • Light up
    • Add lights to your bike - make them a permanent part of your rig
    • Get a helmet with integrated lights
    • Clip a light to your bags so if you jump on a scooter you can be seen
Products that help you be seen

Po Campo Bags

All of Po Campo bags are designed with the thought of keeping you safe and SEEN while out there being part of your mobile lifestyle. We have really taken it up a notch by integrating reflectivity into the fabric of our Nightlights pattern. We strive to be a leader in functional, transitional and sustainable bags for the micromobility lifestyle. You can find the Nightlights pattern on the Kinga Handlebar Bag 2 and the Chelsea Trunk Bag. A match made in heaven. When light hits these bags you get a nice hit of extra visibility. Find out more about each bag here. And don’t forget to look at the other Po Campo bags, each having their own reflective detailing.

Products that help you be seen

Po Camp Face Masks

Po Campo breathable face masks are lightweight made from antimicrobial fabrics with a microfilter layer. Perfect for an active lifestyle. Our face masks come in a 2-pack one of the masks has reflective striping for better visibility when you are out there being mobile. We are proud of these masks, they are getting great reviews for being lightweight and breathable. See what the reviewers say.

Products that help you be seen

Bern Helmet - Try the Hudson with integrated LED

Bern makes so many great helmets and we believe in all their safety and styling details. But we are really excited about the Bern Hudson with the integrated LED and  its street-inspired styling and features. The Hudson is  Bern’s safest helmet yet  complete with MIPS brain protection system, rated for use up to 27 mph, and with an integrated LED light the Hudson is designed to let you Stay Out There. The LED just pops in when needed - easy peasy. Check out Bern’s amazing collection of helmets to dream about the one you will pick when you win. And if you pick the Hudson - we know you will be riding in style, comfortably and safely. 

Products that help you be seen

Lumenus ioLight

ioLight by Lumenus is the world's smartest bike light. Kind of a bike light with brains. Pair ioLIGHT with the Lumenus mobile APP for GPS based turn signals, automatic intersection flashing, and more features - all designed to keep you seen and safe at night. We can dig that. Did you read that - GPS based turn signals. These lights are powerful with 30+ hours of battery life so literally will NOT be left out in the dark. As someone who chooses to move around by alternate modes of transportation the intelligent integration of signalling intent makes you truly able to communicate with those around you. 

Products that help you be seen

Safety Skin Products

Safety Skin  Reflective Skin Spread is the first reflective product designed to be applied to your skin. Yup - right on your skin. Thoughtfully formulated with ingredients proven to be safe for use on the skin, Safety Skin Reflective Skin Spread is hypoallergenic wax base that allows natural perspiration during activity and is both rain and sweat resistant for your longest adventures. It’s paraben free, cruelty free, vegan, and made in the USA!  Be seen anytime visibility is reduced - in low light, inclement weather, varied terrain - slap some on and be seen during your activities. How simple.

Be Seen. Be Mobile

And if you still haven’t entered the Be Seen. Be Mobile. Giveaway where you can win all of these products. You should do so now. There will be one lucky winner.

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