Meet Our models: Q & A with Karen

For our most recent photo shoot, we used a 100% female crew and local cyclists as our models. Here's your chance to get to know Karen!

Karen stylish bike bags

Tell us your bike story. How did you get into biking, what kind of biking do you do, etc.

I've cycled off and on ever since I was a little kid, but I got back into it quite seriously in 2011 after a trip to Iceland. I explored much of the country on bike, and it was so fun and freeing that I didn't want to stop (despite the freezing weather and random puffin sightings).  Once I returned home, I became committed to incorporating cycling into my life on a regular basis, and it's my primary mode of commuting around NYC. I am very active in cycling education and promoting cycling in communities of color. I'm also a certified League Cycling Instructor and have taught hundreds of beginner and intermediate cyclists how to ride safely and with confidence.

How do you describe Po Campo to your friends, or what do you think is special about Po Campo?

Po Campo bags and accessories are ideal complements to my personal style of cycling. They're designed with cyclists in mind, with great features such as reflective lining and strong Velcro for easy rack attachment, but are also stylish and great for off-bike life as well.  I also enjoy the numerous complements I get on my Kinga Handlebar Bag.

A favorite tip (or two) about how you incorporate mindfulness and healthy habits into your daily life?

A favorite tip (or two) about how you incorporate mindfulness and healthy habits into your daily life? Slow your roll - literally. I'm a relatively slow cyclist, and that used to bother me a lot. However, I've come to embrace my sloth-like speed as a benefit. I feel as though I get to appreciate my ride more by being mindful of the sights and sounds around me. Plus, I feel a lot less grimy and a lot more refreshed when I arrive at my destination!

If you could take a bike ride with anyone (living or dead) who would it be, and why?

I've been trying to get my mom on a bicycle for years, but she's convinced she'd be terrible at it. I'd love to prove her wrong and take her on a lazy Sunday ride through a park one day - wish me luck!

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