Q&A With Brand Ambassador Crystal

Crystal roams around New York by bike. You can get to know Crystal in this Q&A. 

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Tell us your bike story. How did you get into biking? What kind of biking do you do? How do you stay motivated? Do you have any bike goals for 2019?

I biked with my parents as a child but then got back into it when I moved to NYC. After being beholden to public transit, I wanted a transport option with a bit of freedom. I generally bike commute to work and running errands. I also participate in rides with WE Bike NYC and other group rides held by local bike shops, in addition to volunteering with WE Bike NYC. As biking is usually the best part of my day, it doesn't take much to motivate me to ride. I think it helps that my bike commute is rather short and much faster than taking the subway to work for me. I don't have any specific bike goals for 2019.


Two words that best describe how biking makes you feel:

Strong and free


Where do you live? What are some of your favorite places to bike there?


I live in East Williamsburg. I like biking over to Kent Ave. and the East River waterfront (especially for some treats at Smorgasburg) and up into Greenpoint for some Peter Pan donuts.



A suggestion for people interested in biking but have safety concerns? Or, how did you get comfortable with using your bike for transportation?  What do you do to make biking better where you live?

I think taking things slow is key. Start with short rides in areas you are familiar with, on a Sunday morning, when traffic is low. Do a little research to find short social rides you might be able to join on. It's all about doing what you can to build your confidence in your own riding skills. The more you ride, the more comfortable and confident you will be in your riding.


If you could take a bike vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go, and why?

It's a bit of an easy pick, but The Netherlands would be great, especially during tulip season. I did a group bike day tour while in Amsterdam where we rode out to a dairy/clog factory and tried amazing Gouda and I would love to explore more of the country by bike (and eat more cheese!)


How do you describe Po Campo to friends - or - what do you think is special about Po Campo?

I emphasize their versatility. How they are thoughtfully designed for use on your bike, but don't scream "bike gear!" They look like bags that you'd want to use even if you didn't have a bike.


What are you hoping to accomplish/contribute as a Po Campo brand ambassador this year?


I'd like to show people how you can integrate bike riding into your everyday life. It isn't just something you do once a month on a Spring and Summer Saturday (though those rides are lovely) and that well-designed bags like Po Campo can make everyday riding even more of a reality.



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