Q&A With Brand Ambassador Laura

Laura Shepard of Queens, NY wants you to take a peek into her Bicycling life through this Q&A. 

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Tell us your bike story. How did you get into biking? What kind of biking do you do? How do you stay motivated? Do you have any bike goals for 2019?

I grew up biking through the scenic parks and waterfront of Eastern Queens. I often rode with my Dad on the weekends, visited her grandparents by bike, and explored my neighborhood after school. I rode her first of many Five Boro Bike Tours when I was 14 and was thrilled to see so much of my city on my own power. I discovered my passion for bike advocacy when I joined the movement for a safer Queens Boulevard in 2017. When the lane was installed, my bike became my primary mode of transportation. Now I ride around and advocate for more protected bike lanes in Queens and around the city. I was part of the organizing coalition for the first Women’s Ride on Queens Boulevard to highlight the gender gap in cycling and encourage others to try out my favorite bike lane. I work at Bike New York now and Chair the TA Queens Committee.


Two words that best describe how biking makes you feel:

Brave, Joyful


Where do you live? What are some of your favorite places to bike there? 

I live in Woodside, Queens. My favorite places to bike are Rockaway Beach and the Eastern Queens Greenway.


What do you do to make biking better where you live? 

I advocate for safer streets with more protected bike lanes.


A suggestion for people interested in biking but have safety concerns? Or, how did you get comfortable with using your bike for transportation?  What do you do to make biking better where you live?

Don't be afraid of your own streets. Don't ride in the door zone and don't be afraid to take the lane. Also, invest in a solid bike lock and wheel locks.


Tips for dealing with helmet hair?

Don't worry about it. The joy of biking is more important.


Tell us about some things you do to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Besides, trying to make the streets safer for walking and biking, I talk about climate change a lot, I'm a vegetarian, conscientious re-user and recycler, and I try to spend as much time outside as possible.


If you could take a bike ride with anyone (living or dead) who would it be, where would you go, and why?

I want to take a girl I used to babysit when I lived in Forest Hills bike riding on Queens Boulevard. I advocated for the lane with her in mind and I really want to take her riding on it when it's finished.


If you could take a bike vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go, and why?

I want to go so many places: Taiwan, the Netherlands, Copenhagen, the Appalachian Gap Trail, US Route 1, Quebec


Tell us about a time you surprised yourself by accomplishing something that you previously thought impossible or super hard.

My first NYC Century (2017) was a big deal for me. I didn't think I could ride 100 miles, but I went for it and my friends were incredibly encouraging for the last 15 miles or so.

What do you like most about your Po Campo bag?

I love that it attaches to my bike and that it's comfortable and pretty the rest of the time.

How do you describe Po Campo to friends - or - what do you think is special about Po Campo?

Po Campo is solution-oriented and practical. These bags make life so much easier and I really feel good about using this bag.


What are you hoping to accomplish/contribute as a Po Campo brand ambassador this year?

I hope to help spread the word and recommend Po Campo bags to as many people as possible. 



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