Retailer Spotlight: City Bike Tampa

Everyone likes to think about heading south to warmer weather in January. Enjoy the Florida sunshine vicariously by getting to know City Bike Tampa, this month's Retailer Spotlight and one of our longtime customers.

Each month we highlight one of our retail partners to get to know them better. If you have a suggestion for a small business that would be a good home for Po Campo, drop us a line and let us know! Support your local retailers! #ShopLocal #ShopSmall

Uptown Bike Trunk Bag in Sky Stripes

Tell us a bit about your shop

City Bike Tampa has been open for about 7 ½ years now.  Downtown Tampa has been in a bit of a resurgence and we have had the pleasure to participate in that.  We are a smaller, community based boutique shop specializing in steel bikes, urban lifestyle, and the belief that we can help grow a bicycle community that a few years ago may have been seen as one that was still trying to find itself, but one that has so much to offer.

What makes City Bike Tampa special?

We hope that you will find something in our store that you won't see anywhere else in the area.  But what makes City Bike Tampa special are our people; our staff, our customers (both new and the ones that make the shop a clubhouse), and of course Macey, our terrible guard dog.  We pride ourselves in our staff, their knowledge and relate-ability, and the fact that they give a #&@* about you and your bike, no matter what you roll or carry in.

Kinga Handlebar Bags

Why do you like having Po Campo bags in your shop?

Po Campo has been amazing for us.  The bags are beautiful, truly functional both on and off the bike, and designed with a real purpose.  Other bags either are great on the bike but ugly as sin, or are nice but have no bicycling function. The fact that Po Campo bags do both is phenomenal.  To be honest, it is hard to understand why more companies don't grasp this.

What's something you're excited about either in the future of your business, your industry, your city, or just in the world in general?

We are excited and encouraged to see our city grow, become more bike friendly, and to see people understanding all that they can really do on their bikes.  And I personally am really excited to ride my bike :)

Share a short story about a time when something happened at City Bike Tampa and you were like, "Now THIS is why I do this!". 

This happens in little ways every day.  Sometimes it is just because someone flatted near the shop and needed a spare tube to get home and you were open, sometimes its when someone gets their first bike in a long time and you see them riding it EVERYWHERE, sometimes its when you bring an old bike back to life or get to create one from nothing.  And sometimes its when you are just cruising around with your wife and your dog, and you are super thankful you don't have to sit in an office all day.

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