Retailer Spotlight: Local Hub Bicycle Company

Here is a treat for all of our Dallas fans.  Our Retailer spotlight features Local Hub Bicycle Company.  Get to know them and find out what makes them special in this blog post.

Each month we highlight one of our retail partners to get to know them better. If you have a suggestion for a small business that would be a good home for Po Campo, drop us a line and let us know! Support your local retailers! #ShopLocal #ShopSmall

 As told to us by Kristie Co-Owner of Local Hub Bicycle Co.

Tell us a bit about your shop. How long have you been in business? Why did you decide to open a store where you did?

Local Hub Bicycle Company officially opened it’s doors for business December 2015. Justin and I chose Dallas because we saw a movement happening in the social cycling scene after we participated in a brewery bicycle tour that attracted over 400 bike riders. For a city that wasn’t known as being bike friendly, that was a lot of cyclists who wanted to ride their bikes just for fun. We specifically chose Deep Ellum because there wasn’t a bike shop in urban Dallas that focused on the everyday bike rider and the street we are located is a major through fare for cyclists. We love our neighborhood and most of our customers live in a 5 mile radius of the shop. They are urban dwellers and are discovering the benefits of being able to leave their car at home and ride their bike for transportation.

What do your customers like best about shopping at your store? What makes Local Hub Bicycle Co. special?

Local Hub is more than just a bike shop. We offer easy access to an active lifestyle. Our customers shop at Local Hub because we have employees who are approachable and willing to go the extra mile to make someone happy, offer bikes and accessories that they can’t find anywhere else in Dallas, and vocal advocates for better bike infrastructure in Dallas.

What does Po Campo bring to your product assortment? Why do you like having us in your shop?

The majority of our customers are women and want to look stylish while riding their bikes. There aren’t a lot of well made bike bags on the market specially designed for women’s needs. Po Campo offers functional bags that women can use on and off that bike that are attractive and affordable. Working with Po Campo has been really easy and we love supporting other women owned businesses.

What's something you're excited about either in the future of your business, your industry, your city, or just in the world in general?

The bike culture in Dallas is constantly improving except we still don’t have a real bike share. My business partner, Justin, and I are taking matters into our own hands and installing bike rental stations in key areas around the city. Our first off site bike rental station was installed a few months ago at Uptown Urban Market in the Uptown neighborhood of Dallas. It’s a 6 bike station with a kiosk inside the market where people can check out bikes using Spinlister. We have plans for 2-3 other locations before the end of the year and for a fully automated rental system which is controlled by an app. The rental stations allow residents and visitors to explore Dallas by bike without owning a bike. We hope they love it so much they will become daily bike riders when they discover how easy and fun it is.

Share a short story about a time when something happened at Local Hub Bicycle Co and you were like, "Now this is why I do this!". A good experience with a customer, employee, vendor, etc.

Looking back through our Instagram feed makes Justin and I both smile. We try and document a lot of our customers whether it’s celebrating new bike day, renting bikes, or joining in on one of our group rides. The best part of the pictures are the smiles on their faces. Those faces are the reason we work so hard to make Local Hub Bicycle Company a great place.

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