Retailer Spotlight: Silk Road Cycles

Our Retailer Spotlight of August is Silk Road Cycles of Brooklyn. Get to know them and find out what makes them special in this blog post.

Each month we highlight one of our retail partners to get to know them better. If you have a suggestion for a small business that would be a good home for Po Campo, drop us a line and let us know! Support your local retailers! #ShopLocal #ShopSmall

As told by Brendon (Owner of Silk Road Cycles)

1. Tell us a bit about your shop. How long have you been in business? Why did you decide to open a store where you did?

We have been in business since 2011. I've been in the bicycle industry since 2004 working on both the east and west coasts. When I landed in Greenpoint I fell in love with the neighborhood. On my birthday I found a For Rent sign on what is now the shop and saw a need to service the commuters of the heavily bike trafficked Franklin Street.

2. What do your customers like best about shopping at your store? What makes Silk Road special?

I think what sets Silk Road Cycles apart is our staff. I have been so fortunate to be able to surround myself with incredible people who are passionate about cycling, patient, kind and most importantly are wonderful teachers.

Silk Road

3. What does Po Campo bring to your product assortment? Why do you like having us in your shop?

Po Campo's product line has the NYC commuter in mind. Stylish (all black haha), super easy to take on and off, and super functional. We love being able to carry products that we would use ourselves.

4. What's something you're excited about either in the future of your business, your industry, your city, or just in the world in general?

I am most excited to see NYC become a friendlier and safer place for everyone on the streets. We have a long way to go. But since moving here I've seen a huge increase in daily ridership and an increase in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. I look forward to see more people on bicycles and for our streets to be safer for all....cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers.

Silk Road Brooklyn Bike Shop

5. Share a short story about a time when something happened at Silk Road and you were like, "Now this is why I do this!". A good experience with a customer, employee, vendor, etc.

My favorite moments are when our customers make an extra effort to thank us for our is especially appreciated when food and beverages are part of the "thank you" haha!

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