Summer Bike Riding: The art of the festival bag

Let me begin by clarifying that I am NOT a professional cyclist. Nor am I much of a professional in any regard, but do I excel in one area in particular: Riding my $35.00 Craigslist beater-bike to breweries, festivals and general outdoor sunny park days during the summer months.

This is a guest post from Sam, one of our brand ambassadors in Denver, CO.

Do you know the joy of riding a bike carefree through the summer breeze? If you haven’t tried it, you haven’t lived, in my opinion. Throw in a destination like an outdoor concert, fireworks display or beer festival and you’ve got yourself one heck of a weekend. I’m here to share with you the art of summer bike riding - particularly to fun events that you can share with your friends.

Valentine’s Day 2016, my bike was stolen from outside a brewery (there’s a lot of beer drinking happening in my life...), and I was pretty heartbroken. My bike! Stolen! On Valentine’s Day! I was in no position to drop $100’s of dollars on a new bike that would likely get stolen again, so I took to trusty Craigslist. Found a $35, no-frills, commuter bike in decently fair condition. It even came with a kickstand and a bell - swoon.

The bike ended up sitting in my spare bedroom for another month or two until the snow melted and my friend Katie and I had our first outdoor beer festival on the calendar. Now, we’re pretty experienced in the art of beer festivals, so armed with sunscreen, ID’s, water bottles and bike locks, we were on our way! One thing we’ve learned time and time again is the added benefit of having a great, secure, sturdy bike bag for transporting our goods to and fro. Have you even seen the stylish new Po Campo Kinga Handlebar Bag that doubles as a cross-body purse? No brainer.

Summer Bike Riding Po Campo Kinga Handlebar Bag Bike PursePo Campo Kinga Handlebar Bag ($45)

Here’s some ideas of what to bring to your first, or 350th, outdoor music/beer/fun-in-the-sun day:

  • Helmet
  • Bike lock
  • Sunscreen (seriously!)
  • A stylin’ bike bag that you can carry with you with ease off your bike.
  • Moolah for fun festival goodies - ice cream, that necklace from that one booth that you shouldn’t, but you should absolutely need/get...
  • Snacks. Heck, just throw in a granola bar. You’ll never know when a friend needs a little blood sugar boost!
  • A good attitude

Pretty simple, really. Have bike, have bike bag, will go summer bike riding. Even when it’s a $35, heap of heavy metal with one gear and weak brakes bicycle. Everyone has a normal backpack or purse, but your summertime riding comfortability, (i.e. hot, sweaty, humid), increases exponentially when you have a bag you can attach firmly and confidently to your bike frame. My favorite of the collection? The Po Campo Uptown Bike Trunk Bag - I have the Mosaic print! It’s bigger than the handlebar bag, so I can put in all sorts of fun festival swag. Think of all those free stickers, pins, pint glasses, growlers, koozies you pick up throughout the day! I can even slip in a 6-pack to go and have room for all my other essentials.

Po Campo Uptown Bike Trunk Bag
Po Campo Uptown Bike Trunk Bag ($80)

The temperature is rising, summertime is nearly here. Pump up those tires, clean out your festival bag and get riding!

About Sam

Sam is a CO native who loves fresh air and breakfast burritos. When she’s not moonlighting as a florist, you’ll find her running the Front Range trails training for her next ultra, at a local brewery or skiing the backcountry slopes.

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