The Bike Share Bag is Back!

We launched the Bike Share Bag on Kickstarter a few years ago and, due to popular demand, this year we are bringing it back. Wondering what's new? Keep reading!

Bike Share Bag Background

When Chicago's bike share system Divvy launched in 2013, I couldn't wait to start using it. I love how bike share eliminates one major hurdle for people interested in biking for transportation: owning and storing a bike. So even though I have my own bike (which I love), I signed up and started using bike share for a lot of jaunts around town.

And then I found myself facing a familiar problem: how to carry things on the bike. This common style of bike share bike (used in Chicago, NYC, San Francisco, D.C., and more) has this odd basket in the front that is open on 3-sides. Yes, there is a built-in bungee that you can pull over the top of the bike, but it is too taut, crushing everything beneath it - assuming you're able to pull it around the object to begin with.

Given that I started Po Campo because I wanted to have bags that you could use on and off a bike, I was so disappointed to find that I couldn't use the bike share's basket! So I decided to fix that.

Our Bike Share Bag fits in the front basket and quickly and easily attaches to the front basket with its own built-in bungees. Here are its main features:

1. Strong Bungee Cords for Quick and Easy Attachment

One of my favorite things about bike share is how easy it is - just insert your key fob, pull out a bike, and go! It was essential to me that the Bike Share Bag was just as easy. And it is! Just wrap the bungee cords around the knobs on the front of the basket to secure the bag. The cords are adjustable so you can always get a secure fit.

Po Campo Bike Share Bag

Po Campo Bike Share Bag - Bungee Cords(Photo credit)

2. NEW! Detachable 15" Laptop Sleeve

We learned from people using the original Bike Share Bag that they were primarily using the bag for two types of trips: Biking to work (bike commuting), with which they would want to carry their laptop, and running errands or going to the gym, with which they preferred a big open bag.

We were able to satisfy both usages by adding a removable 15" laptop sleeve. The laptop sleeve snaps in and out of the bag so it doesn't take a lot of time to go from one "mode" to the other.

3. Versatile Carrying Options

We lengthened the handles to make the bag more comfortable to carry over your shoulder. If you're more a crossbody-type, we added a shoulder pad to comfortably carry more weight.

And don't forget about the versatility of the front bungee cords! Yes, they're designed to fasten on to a bike share bike, but you can also use them to carry things like a jacket or yoga mat.

Po Campo Bike Share Bag with Yoga Mat

Will this bag work with the bike share in my town?

This bag is designed for bike share systems that use the Bixi style bike share bike, which includes these:

Bike share schemes compatible with Bike Share Bag

Please note that the Bike Share Bag is NOT designed to work with B-Cycle bikes, the style found in many small to mid-sized cities.

And shop the new selection!

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