The Electric Bike Series: Bags For Every Bike

Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why. They combine the joy of bike riding with the ease of assisted pedaling making them an excellent alternative to driving for people of all ages and fitness levels. Gone are the days of struggling up hills or burning out in the final mile!

Whether you’re just beginning your electric bike journey or you’re a seasoned e-biker, you’ll know that one of the many advantages that ebikes have over traditional bike riding is the range you can cover with ease. It’s the perfect way to stay active, get from A to B and back again all while staying within your fitness limits; pedal when you feel like it, use the assisted pedaling when you need a breather. 

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Bags For Every Lifestyle

Po Campo bike bags are designed with versatility in mind because we want to help you integrate biking into your lifestyle regardless of the type of bike you ride. Yes, our bags securely fit onto electric bikes and e-scooters too! 

In addition to helping you go further, weight and hills don't matter anymore. So you can carry heavier things (like groceries) - even when you live in a hilly place. This is where a bag like the Orchard Bike Pannier provides the space for groceries combined with the comfort of securely fastening to the rear bike rack. So regardless of the time it takes to get from the grocery store back home, you can trust that you’ll be able to comfortably transport everything back in one piece! 

Orchard Bike Pannier Bag

Orchard Grocery Pannier & Kinga Handlebar Bag 

Electric bikes are also an environmentally friendly, cost effective way of getting to work or school. There’s no need to worry about the hassle of parking and you can skip the traffic without over-exerting yourself, especially on those warm Summer days. The Bedford Backpack Pannier is ideal for carrying books, laptops or anything else you might need throughout your day. Unlike traditional pannier hooks, our functional pannier strap attachments work with beefier electric bicycle rear racks that are a standard among popular brands such as Lectric Bikes, Rad Power bikes and Aventon electric bikes. This convertible backpack pannier has the convenience of securing to the rear bike rack during your ride while functioning as a backpack when you’re off the bike. Gone are the days of sweaty, uncomfortable shoulders - with the Bedford you can show up to class or the office looking as fresh as when you left the house! There’s even the bonus of adding a helmet harness to your Bedford backpack too! For rides where you don’t quite need all the room that the Bedford provides, you can find smaller alternatives with the Vernon and Chelsea bike trunk bags. To find out which bag is right for you, visit our Buyer’s Guide for more information.

Bedford Backpack Pannier

Bedford Backpack Pannier

With most cities providing the public with bikeshare ebikes and escooters, there’s no need to rush into purchasing your own electric bike. They’re a great way to familiarize yourself with the feel of ebiking as you search the market for the best electric bike for you. Bags like Domino, Kinga and Spica are perfect for holding all your daily necessities and securely fasten onto the handlebars of both standard and electric bikes. Plus, they double as a shoulder or cross body bag while you’re off the bike. They’re just the right size to hold everything you need for a day out in the city, catching up with friends or even site seeing in a new town! 

Spica Handlebar Sling Bag

Spica Handlebar Sling Bag

Wherever your ebike adventures take you, Po Campo is with you for the ride! Shop our full range of bike bags and baskets here.

This blog is part of a new ebiking series where we’ll cover a range of topics to help you discover the joy of electric bike riding. Stay tuned for more!

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