Women + Biking in the Fashion Media

If you're tuned into all things city-biking related, you've probably noticed that bicycles have been popping up everywhere: store window displays, tote bags, cute dresses. But what about the stories of the women pushing to make biking more accessible to all?

According to research, we know that in recent years, women's biking participation is growing at 3 times the rate of men's (source), while the majority of millennial bike owners are women (source). Knowing that, it seems like only a matter of time for our movement of women who love to bike break out of special interest magazines like Momentum and hit the big time.

So, what a delight it was to see women + biking in the October issues of both Glamour and Cosmopolitan! On newsstands now.

Women biking in the press - Glamour

In Glamour, Marin Tockman, the owner of New Orlean's Dashing Bicycles, and Po Campo stockist, was featured in their monthly "This is My Job" feature. Reading the article, you get a peek into how hectic the days of a bike shop owner are, but also how fulfilling. She started Dashing Bicycles with little experience, but had the courage and confidence to learn as she went and to improve all the day. As a fellow first-time entrepreneur, that really strikes a chord with me.

Women biking in the press - Cosmopolitan

Then, in Cosmopolitan, biking for transportation is treated to a full four-page spread! They address 5 big hurdles to biking, including fear of traffic, sweat, and discomfort, with insight from women pros across the country. The quotes from readers about why they bike are terrific - and totally relatable, and there are some great tips shared, like how to find a female friendly bike shop.

My only complaints with the Cosmo article are 1) Po Campo wasn't mentioned in the gear section!, and 2) the women they photographed look more ready for a fitness ride than a commute. Regardless, this article is definitely a step in the right direction and I can't to see what comes next!

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