Po Campo #YesIBikedInThis Campaign

We are inviting all Po Campo fans and lovers to join us for our campaign #YESIBIKEDINTHIS

Do you ever get a crazy look for your biking attire? Show us how you bike and tell us why it is your go to outfit.  Don't forget to tag us and use #yesibikedinthis on your photos. 

Here are a few of our Ambassadors in their favorite biking outfits:

"I tie one end of the dress in a knot, hop on and ride. And it's easier to bike in espadrilles than to walk in them 
 " -Renee Yvonne(Po Campo Ambassador Washington DC)














"In Reno, NV commuting by bike all through the year is very possible. Like all of you, I ride in whatever I wear in the office for the day. It did not matter when my commute was 20 miles round trip or 12 miles as it is now - this is my normal. My rule of thumb is, if I can walk in long strides in my dress or skirt then I can definitely ride my bike in it."  
- Daly Costanza (Po Campo Ambassador Reno, Nevada)



Karen Chin (Po Campo Ambassador  New York) at  the Bike share demo at REI  Soho.

- Elsbeth Cool (Po Campo Ambassador Chicago) 






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