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Hudson Saddle Bag 2

Our Hudson bike saddle bag quickly fastens to the underside of your saddle with super-strong fastener straps. Stopped somewhere on your ride and need to take the bike seat bag with you? The Hudson comes equipped with a wristlet strap and waistband clip for easy off-the-bike carrying options. 

New for 2021: We've added a third attachment strap to go around the seat post for extra stability.

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Hudson Saddle Bag 2
Hudson Saddle Bag 2
Hudson Saddle Bag 2
Hudson Saddle Bag 2
Hudson Saddle Bag 2
Hudson Saddle Bag 2
Hudson Saddle Bag 2
Hudson Saddle Bag 2
Hudson Saddle Bag 2
Hudson Saddle Bag 2
Hudson Saddle Bag 2
Hudson Saddle Bag 2
Hudson Saddle Bag 2
Hudson Saddle Bag 2

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All in the details

Attachment style: 2 Premium hook and loop (also called velcro) straps, with elastic to ensure a reliably secure fit, a seat post attachment strap
Capacity: 5 lbs
Fits devices: Most smartphones
Nighttime visibility: Reflective stripe with area for clip-on bike light
Pockets: 2 total. 1 Exterior pockets and 1 interior.
Size: W 3.25” x H 7” x D 3.25”
Strap details: Detach wristlet strap and belt clip included
Volume: 1.2L / 73 cubic inches
Water resistance: Coated fabrics and zipper
Weight: 0.25 lb

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Our Bag’s Best Features

In order to fall in love with a Po Campo bag you need to find out what it all has to offer. Check out our detailed feature videos to see if you would swipe right (oh we mean hit Buy).

Easy On/Off Attachments

If you are going to live a mobile lifestyle you need to know how easy these bags are to attach and detach. Watch this quick video for all the deets.

See What Fits

A bag that can really carry it all on and off the bike with style and ease is our goal. Check out this quick video and see what all can fit into your new bag.

The perfect bag does exist...

Tired of wishing your bag had just 1 more pocket, or one less strap? Our bags have everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Phew it's dry

Waterproof vegan fabrics and water-protected zippers keep your stuff dry in the rain.

Fits your bike

There’s a lot of different types of bikes out there! We test our bags on dozens of kinds to make sure it’ll fit yours.

Be Seen

Smartly designed reflective accents for extra visibility at night providing safety when on the road.

Lots of pockets

Po Campo pockets are designed to keep your things in place while you are on the move.

Versatile Straps

With adjustability and multi-functional use, our straps provide a variety of ways to use the bag on or off the bike.

Built to last

10 years of designing functional commuter bags that can withstand global warming and all the elements.

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