Making Bags as Mobile As You

Where We Came From

Studying abroad in Germany during college, founder Maria Boustead came to love biking as her way to get around. It was eco-friendly and affordable, and she got a little exercise and adventure along the way. It was also super fun, reminding her of the magic of being a kid on a bike. Moving to Chicago—one heckuva flat, gridded city—was a pretty excellent biking decision. 

Maria had the bike, but now she needed the bag. As a bicyclist and a professional, she had a lot to carry for everything from commuting to working to meeting up with friends. And, there was a need for a bag that could go along for the ride and look good while carrying throughout her day.

Po Campo brings Maria's industrial designer background—when there's a problem, why not solve it with a great product! —to her love of cycling. She couldn't find the bag that worked on the bike and off, so she made one. No more sweaty straps, no more distractions, no more drab and dreary colors.

We have been at it since 2009 and today Po Campo is an internationally distributed line of vegan, weatherproof bags with reflective accents and plenty of pockets for storing your devices. Versatility, function, and style are the heart of our "No Compromise" approach. Po Campo is passionate about making thoughtfully designed, thoroughly user-tested bags. You don't, and shouldn't, have to choose between a mobile, sustainable lifestyle and a bag that you love.

Where We're Going

The number of people who love biking, skating, and scootering around town continues to grow. There are protected lanes, dedicated traffic signals, and booming efforts to bring bike shares and e-scooters to cities around the world. That makes us so happy, and it also shows us a clear (bike) path to our future

Growth for Po Campo means listening to all the people who matter—our community of intrepid urban mobility kindreds—and designing for you. Our tight-knit, global team works from LA to Hong Kong, Seattle to New York, connecting with alternative transportation communities to stay on top of everything from trends to advocacy. We promise to keep evolving to be more sustainable, more functional, more inclusive, more innovative, more awesome from bags to beyond.

Brand Values

Be Bold. You know what sucks? Stasis. The same old, same old. Confidently being ourselves and taking on challenges leads us to explore new avenues, new connections, and new experiences.

Be Purposeful. Impact matters. Every part of our business has the power and potential to move us forward – or backward. Do things, the right things, for reasons that matter.

Be Engaged. Urban mobility takes us places. We live in a multicultural, multi-sensorial environment. We can choose to thrive through inclusivity and by valuing different viewpoints.

Have Fun. Life's got its ups and downs. Why not laugh along the way? A good guffaw is the absolute best way to capture the childlike wonder biking, scooting, and skating are all about.

Strides Towards Sustainability

Sustainability is a practice, not a perfect. Innovation is at the intersection of design and function. At Po Campo, we're a work in practice, learning and growing wherever we can. Here's a recap of our sustainability and innovation milestones:

2009: Help people live a more sustainable lifestyle by making it easier to get out of their car and onto a bike

2014: First brand to introduce an accessory for bike share

2016: First brand to introduce bike bags with an integrated power supply

2018: Launched the Quest for Sustainability video series, established a Code of Conduct, partnered with a boutique factory that pays its staff well and has relationships with sustainably certified suppliers

2019: Introduce our Sustainable Slate fabric made out of 100% recycled water bottles

2020: Eliminate the single-use polybags from our packaging

Charity Program

Po Campo strongly believes in giving back. We believe in our social responsibility to give back to our society through sustainable manufacturing processes and a lower carbon footprint, to advocacy and donating dollars. All to help fuel a better world we live in.

This is where YOU come in. We have opened the program and put you in power.

Po Campo has long had a vibrant give back program, partnering with World Bicycle Relief and supporting local and national bike advocacy organizations over the years. Then we landed on the realization that our customers have a better sense of what charitable causes and organizations are important to them than we do.

We have established relationships with the 3 charities we believe in, just in case you have trouble choosing:

Our new partnership with ShoppingGives allows you to choose from over 1.5M 501c(3) nonprofits in the United State. Anything from local to national non-profits; if they are a listed legitimate non-profit they will be on the list. (As a conscious giver, we do reserve the right to de-list charities that do not support a positive lifestyle.)

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