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Maria Boustead Po Campo Founder

Back in 2009, industrial designer and avid city cyclist Maria Boustead was looking for a better way to carry things on and off her bike. Backpacks made her too sweaty, shoulder bags swung around annoyingly, and bike bags were too clunky and utilitarian to comfortably carry off the bike. 

“Why isn’t there a bag versatile enough to attach to your bike and then use as your normal bag throughout your day?” she wondered. Seemed like an obvious enough product idea, so when she couldn’t find one, she designed it herself. (Read more about the design process here.)

Ten years and thousands of stylish bike bags later, Po Campo has grown into an internationally distributed line of vegan, weatherproof bags with reflective accents and lots of pockets for storing your devices. We call this our “No Compromise” approach, because you finally don’t have to choose between an active lifestyle and having a bag that you love.

What Inspires Us

  • The mural discovered on the bike ride to work
  • The mid-afternoon escape to our favorite yoga studio
  • The chance discovery of an outdoor market we never knew about