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Add more colors and styles to your e-commerce store with the click of a button by adding Po Campo as a partner in Shopify Collective!

About Po Campo

Po Campo is a woman owned company that makes stylish and functional bike bags for adults and children. We’re known for our colorful prints and bags that convert from handlebar bags into purses and sling bags. Read more about us.

Details and Requirements

Add any item from our catalog to your own Shopify store in seconds. Orders placed through the Collective are drop-shipped by us automatically! To participate, you must:

  1. Use Shopify and be signed up for Collective (see more)

  2. Adhere to Po Campo’s MAP policy

Get Started with our Best Sellers

  1. Whoosh Basket (Kid's Bag)
  2. Kinga or Domino Handlebar bag
  3. Chelsea or Vernon Trunk Bag

Po Campo Bestsellers


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