All About the Uptown Bike Trunk Bag

I've been working on an updated bike trunk bag design for what seems like years now. Since launching our first bike trunk bag in 2009, I've learned so much about how people want to use a bag of this size and type. I'm delighted to share the details of my latest creation, the Uptown Bike Trunk Bag!

The main features are:

1. Improved Ease of Use and Stability



Top of the list for must-haves for the new bike trunk bag was an easier and more surefire way of attaching it. After talking to people about their fave bike trunk bags, studying the competition, and then experiment after experiment, we landed on this system of four Velcro tabs.

A tab in each corner of the bag keeps the bag sitting solidly on top of the rack, and the Velcro allows the user to adjust it for her rack. The bag can be attached in less than 15 seconds, and removed in a fraction of that time.

2. Opens Super Wide


Another thing I learned in my research was the desire for the bag to open up extra wide so that it was easy to pull things in and out. I started thinking about the old doctor bag-style opening and thought that would be perfect to incorporate into this design. 

The doctor-bag style opening provides more structure, allowing us to include a padded sleeve for your iPad or tablet.

The wide opening has an additional benefit: if you want to carry something too large to fit inside (let's say an impromptu stop at the farmer's market leaves you with a bundle of leeks), you can ride with the bag open in "basket" position.

3. Soft handles and straps

Po Campo Uptown Bike Trunk Bag

I really take pride in how versatile our bags are and therefore it is just as important for me to have a bag that is comfortable to carry as it is to ride with. We upgraded the straps to be super soft without sacrificing any strength, so they won't snag your clothing or scratch your skin.

Po Campo Uptown Bike Trunk Bag

So, how do you think I did? Please leave your comments about what you like and what you'd like to see in the next edition below.

And shop the new selection!

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  • Joanna Bridges

    I bought the black uptown trunk bag from REI. When I got it, it has a hangtag on it showing the Blue and white version. I really liked that one so went to your website to also buy that one. But can’t find it. I see the article about it but the blue and white doesn’t seem to be offered anymore. Or am I missing something?

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