5 Easy DIY Bike Accessories for Spring

You know what's right around the corner? Spring, and the warm weather, flowers, and general happy feelings that come with it. Whether or not you've been biking through winter, your bike deserves a little sprucing up for the new season. So, in honor of National Craft Month, here are some easy DIY bike accessories that you can work on this weekend.

1. DIY Bike Accessories: Bike Bell

DIY Bike Accessories: Bike Bell

DIY Bike Accessories: Bike Bell

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Ding! Ding! Brighten up your bike this spring with a new bike bell. A new bell will give your ride a shiny new feeling, but adding your paint job to the bell will make it seem even more like a bike that's built for you. Click over the IdleWife.com for a simple tutorial on how to make your own designs.

2. DIY Bike Accessories: Crochet Bike Streamers

DIY Bike Accessories - Crochet Bike Handles

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Those first true spring bike rides have such a childlike joy about them - wind in your hair, sun on your skin, everybody smiling and happy, saying, "Great day for a bike ride!". Since you're already reminiscing about cruising around your neighborhood as a kid, why not take it a step further and add some streamers to your handlebars? 

Visit FineCraftGuild.com for a guide on how to make your own crocheted bike handles and streamers, along with DIY guides for other crochet bike accessories.

3. DIY Bike Accessories: Cupholder

DIY Bike Accessories - Cup Holder

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One of the first stops you'll probably be making this spring is to the cafe for your inaugural 2016 iced coffee. A cupholder for your handlebars is a great way to cruise around with your favorite drinks, and this tutorial on LovelyCraftHome.com makes it easy to make your own.

4. DIY Bike Accessories: Bike Helmet Decoration 

DIY Bike Accessories: Bike Helmet

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Give your bike helmet a fresh look this spring by applying decals to it, like Oh Joy! did in this tutorial. This works best with helmets without a ton of ventilation, like Bern, which are good for in-between weather days, before it gets too hot. You can stick with the polka-dot helmet look, or get creative with some of our fave reflective decals from RydeSafe, which we featured here.

5. DIY Bike Accessories: Fabric Covering

Bike fabric covering

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If you've got a lot of time this weekend and want to give your bike a major overhaul appearance-wise, why not cover your whole bike frame with some fun fabric? CoriKindred.com writes about how she undertook this project, and the outcome is just stunning!

Do you have any accessories on your bike that you made yourself? Share in the comments below!

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