Our Fave #BikeMonth Kickstarter Projects

Ever since we launched our Bike Share Bag on Kickstarter during National Bike Month in 2014, this time of year always makes us curious as to what new bike-related projects are going on. Here are some of our favorites, and don't delay in backing the ones you're interested in!

FLECTR - Ultra Performance Wheel Reflectors
Back this project by May 17, 2016

Quote to sum it up: "It combines zero-weight design with aerodynamic efficiency and high-grade reflection"

Somebody has finally built a better mousetrap when it comes to wheel reflectors! These weightless and indestructible reflectors are paper-thin and fit every spoke. A great way to make your ride more visible at night.

GeoOrbital Wheel
Back this project by June 15, 2016

Quote to sum it up: "Use your bike whenever you want to - without sweating"

Electric bikes (or e-bikes) are growing in popularity worldwide because they make biking accessible to people who otherwise would not bike as often because of geographical or physical barriers. One major drawback with e-bikes is that they are pretty pricey, not to mention big and heavy, and therefore not always suitable for city riding when you don't have a garage to store them in. 

The GeoOrbital Wheel gives you the ease of riding an e-bike without having to invest in a new bike. It replaces a standard bicycle front wheel, converting your bike into a powerful electric bike in less than 60 seconds.  

A Life on Two Wheels Movie
Back this project by May 20, 2016

Quote to sum it up: "Next year will be 40 years from the first time I [rode my bike across the country] and I think that would be kind of historic and momentous, I guess"

At 78 years old, Terry Taylor is riding his bike across the US, again. This story of passion, determination, and the power of the human spirit will be made into a movie by Terry's nephew, Peter Taylor.

The Unstainable® Workwear Collection
Back this project by June 3, 2016

Quote to sum it up: "Changing the way women feel about getting dressed for work"

Kickstarter is the breeding ground for new apparel lines built around today's needs. The Unstainable® Workwear Collection is Sweat-Proof™, unstainable, and sustainable. Perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle, on and off the saddle.

Altor 560G Lightweight High-Security Bike Lock
Back this project by May 30, 2016

Quote to sum it up: "If carbon fiber has existed in bike frames for years, why can't bike locks have the same?"

We saw the Altor 560G bike lock at the Bike Expo NY last weekend and were impressed by the design. It's made from grade 5 titanium and it weights just 1.23 pounds (560 grams). The anodized finish is quite lovely, and it folds up compactly - perfect for slipping into a pocket of your Po Campo bike bag

Lumineer Discreet Bike Light
Back this project by May 6, 2016

Quote to sum it up: "Lumineer doesn't look like a bike light because you can't find the bike light"

Bike lights are indispensable with city bike riding, but also one of the easiest things to forget to take with you, or one of things most likely to get stolen. The Lumineer solves this problem by integrating a light into the bike stem where it is practically undetectable, and you can never forget it.

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