Gift Guide for the City Girl

Long walks in the park? Only if it’s Central or Golden Gate, honey. This girlfriend/sister/cousin/coworker has dark espresso running through her veins, looks her best under the glare of moody streetlights, and can pull off a smoky eye without thinking. The city girl is often discerning when it comes to gifts, but worry not, we’ve got the stuff to make her realize you’re just as fabulous at choosing gifts as she is at choosing outfits.

Gift Guide for City Girl 


Modern Hanging Mobile:

The city girl just gets the industrial look, but with a feminine flair that makes it all her own. That’s why we adore this modernist hanging mobile, at once so sturdy and yet so delicate. You don’t know how she’ll use it- hang it on her balcony, maybe, or drape on on either side of her bathroom mirror, but you know it’s the first thing you’ve seen that’s as awesome as her stylish sensibilities allow! $70 on Etsy.

Po Campo Bike Share Bag Source: Po Campo

The Bike Share Bag:

Bike share is the perfect transportation for the city girl. It allows her the freedom to get where she wants to quickly and conveniently. The Bike Share Bag is designed to securely fit into the front basket of bike share bikes, letting her carry a computer, groceries, gym clothes or whatever else she needs for her daily adventures around town without worrying about things getting smashed or falling out. $85 on

 Source: boonerings

Titanium Utility Ring:

Swiss army knives are so last century; in the 21st, there’s no reason a utility knife can’t also be a fashion accessory. Sure, this ring is designed for a man, but when has your city mouse ever let that stop her? Containing straight and serrated blades, a bottle opener, a mini-saw, and a comb, this awesome fashion-statement ring is there to get her into any club and out of any situation a Saturday night can throw at her. $385.00 on Etsy.

Po Campo Crossbody BagsSource: Po Campo


Roscoe Crossbody:

City Living often includes a reduced sense of personal space, whether you’re talking about room on the subway at rush hour or a one bedroom apartment that’s better described as a one room apartment. The sleek Roscoe Crossbody bag helps make the maximum amount of impact while taking up a minimum of space- so no more dirty looks when she plops her bag onto the empty seat next to her. Both waxed canvas and coated poly versions make clean-ups a snap, but we think she’ll love the gritty urban look of the waxed umber bag for weekend jaunts to a new part of town. $40 on

 Source: Charbonize

Charbonize Laptop Sleeve:

The city girl takes her laptop with her everywhere she goes. This sleek sleeve from Charbonize allows her to do so more stylishly. It’s made Black leather and recycled charcoal grey wool that is water repellent. It also has a front storage compartment for her notepad, wallet or phone. ~$144.00 on

Whether she’s an uptowner or downtowner, a city gal by birth or just blessing, any of these four fabulous gifts are sure to be favorites over the holiday season!

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