Holiday Gifts for Yogis

Got your Jack O’Lanterns down and your orange lights re-tangled in their box? Well, then it’s time to start thinking about the holidays before they trample us all under prancing reindeer feet! Here at Po Campo, we know that finding the right gift for the right person is about understanding that person to begin with. So rather than give you a list of gifts for “Mom” or “Dad,” here’s the first of our gift guides based on the real people in your life.

Got a girlfriend with an asana for every ache? A coworker who knows the best mantras for any Monday? Chances are, they’re the yoga lover in your life, and the holidays are a chance to repay all that warm energy with one of these excellent gifts.

Gifts for Yogis - Heart bookshelf

Source: Urban Outfitters

Lovely Curio Shelf:

Yoga is a spiritual as well as physical journey for many yogis, who find that learning self-love and greater compassion is at the heart of their lives. Show your yogi friend that you honor their commitment to putting love at the center of their lives with this adorably cute yet affecting curio shelf, perfect for a bedroom wall or living room accent. $34 at Urban Outfitters.

Gifts for Yogis - Po Campo crossbody bagSource: Po Campo

The Pilsen Bungee:

There are yogis for whom peace is about de-cluttering their life, while still keeping the essentials close at hand. That’s why they’ll flip (or do a full plow position) for this sleek, aesthetically-pleasing, and ultra-useful bag we think is twice as useful as an ordinary purse. The Pilsen Bungee is made unique by its exterior bungee cord attachments, which make it easy to attach a yoga mat or warm-ups without the worry of a bulky bag. Soothing earth and sea-tone shades and reflective accents for nighttime safety make this a perfect bag for the simple yogi. $65 at

Gifts for Yogis - Hoodie Pillow 

Source: HoodiePillow

Hoodie Neck Pillow:

Of course, the yoga-fiend in your life understands the importance of relaxation in stressful situations, and there’s no better way to do that than through comfort. The HoodiePillow is an inflatable neck-pillow, covered with cozy sweatshirt material and a soothing hood, is a great way to get through long trips or layovers without neck strain or misalignment of the spine. $19.95 at

Gifts for Yogis - Po Campo Midway Weekender Source: Po Campo

The Midway Weekender:

Of course, for other yogis, their practice is wedged between work, lunch, picking up kids, dropping off kids, and everything else a day can throw at you. When you’re busy as a bee, a bag that can fit your whole lifestyle is a lifesaver, and that’s where the gorgeous weekender kicks into gear as your new best friend. Vegan-friendly, wide-mouthed, and easy to convert from a hand-held to a shoulder bag, the Midway Weekender is also exactly what your yogi will need when they finally get to take that weekend away and make it to a yoga retreat! $95 at

Gifts for Yogis - Yoga Mat Source: Sankalpa Yoga

Sankalpa Yoga Mat

Chicago-based Sankalpa Yoga has launched a Kickstarter campaign to make yoga mats prettier. The company works with artists and independent yoga teachers to develop uniquely designed eco-friendly yoga mats. Both the artist and the yoga teacher get a portion of the sales. $25-$95 on Kickstarter.

The best thing you can do for your friends is find gifts that show you just get them and validate their lives. If you’ve got a yogi in your life, these gifts are going to send you to rock-star status in their hearts!

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