Spring Festivals Around the World

The sun is finally shining, do we need any more reason to celebrate? YES, say these spring festivals, truly some of the greatest parties the whole year can offer. If you’re planning any global traveling this spring, try to hit one of these world-famous festivals and welcome spring with a proper party.


Northern India may have the most exuberant spring festival, with this no-holds barred color party that celebrates both elements of Indian mythology and the wild hues of spring. In a nutshell, everyone spends a fun day throwing colored powders and water balloons  at each other, and no one gets in trouble with their mom for coming home a total mess. Held near the Vernal Equinox, Holi is undoubtedly one of the most fun festivals in the world.

Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling:

Do you love cheese? I mean really, really love it? You have the chance to prove yourself at this village-festival-turned-international event, held near Gloucester, England. To win the cheese-lovers-heaven prize of a full round of famed double Gloucester cheese, however, you’ll need to beat competitors in a spirited race/tumble down a steep hill. That’s all there is to this whimsical festival, but the international fame it’s acquired makes it the hottest ticket in the British Empire come spring.

Golden Week:

Japan is a culture that knows how to party, and there’s no better example than this week-long festival which most people get off of work just because Japan is awesome that way. It includes several different festivals, including a quiet day of reflection for Japan’s turbulent 20th century past, a day designed to commune with nature and be thankful for the blessings of spring greenery, and an all-out party for the little ones, called Children’s Day, to close out the week.

Whether you’re looking for sedate, whimsical, or an all-out week long vacation, these and many festivals are around to help you get into the season. If you can’t make it to India, England, or Japan this year, give yourself a “mental health day,” get into your brightest colors, and find a field of wildflowers to flop in (ideally with some cheese.)

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