Spring Clothing Items for Now and Later

Spring may be bursting into full flower, but that means summer is around the corner! If you don’t have the budget to shop for four new wardrobes every year, it makes sense to hunt down dual-season pieces that can transition from spring to summer, and even beyond. Here are some of our favorite multi-season pieces you can wear for spring soirees and summer shindigs alike!

The Maxi Dress:

Spring clothing - maxi dress 

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Maxi dress, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways: First, for your forgiving silhouette, which is kindly to us at all times of the year. Second, because you’re so darn versatile! A  maxi in jersey or cotton will look festival-fab with a jean jacket or Easter appropriate with a cute cardi. Then, when summer rolls around, this multi-tasking wardrobe must gives you a sultry-casual look for parties and pool lounging.

Chambray Button-Down Shirt:

Spring Clothes - Chambray Button-Down Shirt (Image source)

Spring clothes are often frilly and floaty, but may not always be work-appropriate. That’s why we love a great chambray shirt as both a wardrobe staple and a spring/summer transitional. In spring, pair this button-down with colorful denim or tucked into knee-length pencil skirts. Then, open up the look in summer by wearing it open, tied, or tucked-in to cute shorts and mini-skirts as summer hits.

Basic Colorful Tees:

Spring Clothing - Colorful T-shirts(Image source)

Every year, spring rolls around and designers remember that color is not illegal. Then comes the nearly irresistible piles of tees and tanks in dozens of bright, cheery colors. While tees alone may be more suitable for summer, choosing shirts that are lightweight and high quality cotton makes them great spring pieces as well. By choosing lightweight fabrics, you can layer under cardis, blazers, and sweaters without getting the winterweight bulk!

One Bright Skirt:

Spring Clothing - One Bright Skirt(Image source)

Florals may seem to springy for summer, and nautical stripes too summery for spring, but a single color skirt in a bright tone is perfect for both! Choose a shade that will stand out, like coral, lemon, or emerald, and either play up or tone down the color with the rest of your outfit depending on the occasion. You can also opt for a non-seasonal print like polka dots if you want a little more detail.

With these four pieces in your wardrobe, you’ll be amazed at how far you can stretch your spring and summer wardrobes. Buying fewer pieces also means you can allocate more of your budget toward quality, which means your wardrobe buys can last for several sunny seasons!

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