Five Signs Spring is Finally Here

Spring is one of the subtlest seasons, creeping up on you so quietly you don’t notice until you’re surrounded! We love watching this quiet sneak-up act year after year, however, with all the changes that pull us from our winter doldrums. These are our five favorite ways to know that spring is finally here!

“Night Time” no longer means “5 PM”

You may feel warm and snuggly and sleepy in the winter, but those early nights start to become a drag come January. One of the best and most gradual signs of spring is the slow lengthening of the days beginning at the winter solstice. You may not notice it at first, but after the Vernal Equinox (helpfully known as the “first day of spring”) you’re sure to realize that your post-work workout no longer requires you to carry a flashlight to get back to your car!


Okay, it’s hard to call seasonal allergies one of our favorite things, but just think of what it symbolizes! After another winter, plants, trees, and grasses are all putting on their spring clothing, bursting into bloom, and getting ready to treat you to the flower show of the year. Isn’t that worth a few boxes of kleenex?

Layers Become Essential

Signs of Spring - Layering(Image source)

The whether in spring can be slightly schizophrenic, but in a way every clothes-horse loves! Now is finally the time to tuck away winter jackets and switch to dozens of pretty sweaters, darling cotton cardigans, and flattering spring jackets over cute tops. And hey, let’s be honest: it gives us a great excuse to shop when even the flowers are putting on new clothes!

Outdoor Exercise Becomes Sane Again

You may have dutifully pedaled through spin classes and hill workouts all winter, but even though you’ve stayed in shape, it’s likely been at the cost of some serious boredom. How can any gym workout compare to the thrill of wheeling through gorgeous landscapes, a light breeze in your hair and the sun on your back?  The renewed joy of your first workout without freezing is definitely worth the wintry wait!

Color Infuses Your World

Sure, winter has its pretty contrasts between snow white landscapes and a cardinal’s red feathers, but you can’t be blamed for feeling a little greyed-out come February. One of the best signs that spring has arrived is that the whole spectrum suddenly seems to be everywhere! Unabashed flowers pop out startling shades of purple and Easter-egg yellow; trees shower you with dainty pink blossoms, and everything gains a technicolor glow under the light of the shining sun.

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