Double the Fun at Two Bike Winter Art Shows

The Bike Winter Art Show is an annual event that excites Chicago bicyclists after several months of gray weather! This year, we had double the fun with two shows over the space of a month. This was my second time contributing artwork, and the photo above is a close up of my work with crochet and bike gears. Great story, I actually met Maria for the first time at the 2011 Bike Winter show when she saw my Armitage Satchel and asked how I liked it!


This year’s first show was in Logan Square at Gallery F, a space dedicated to street art and posters. You can see from my photo below how many people came. No matter how gross the winter weather, these shows always are crowded. We Chicagoans love to support our bike artists!


A crowded gallery, and all six of my Chain Stitch pieces

The second show was located in a bigger art space, and had a some larger pieces. We here at Po Campo love West Town’s Girls Bike Club, and I spotted some members with cute jewelry handmade from chains!


Artwork at SeaHouse, including my own pieces in great black and white company.

Rapid Transit organizes a bike fashion show every year, and I loved the vintage styles of this year’s show. If you’ve ever wanted to try a pinup or mod look with your Po Campo bags, check out these ideas:


The Logan Trunk Bag and Six Corners Handlebar Bag complete great vintage looks!

Thanks Bike Winter for putting on another great show!

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