Po Campo’s Wellness Week

Po Campo Yoga Bag

This week at Po Campo, we were all about fitness and wellness! There are simple things that can be done everyday to improve your wellness through fitness. Po Campo bags are great for kickstarting your wellness and enhancing your fitness programs. Change up your daily routine to add some fitness or wellness to your day. Simple steps you can take include riding your bike instead of driving, walking instead of public transportation, and doing yoga.

If you are thinking about riding your bike to work, take along the Loop Pannier, it easily attaches to your bike and has a professional look.  You can fit all your important documents inside as well as some toiletries to help you freshen up once you get to work.

Po Campo Loop Laptop Pannier
Walking is a great way to get in a workout for the day but it can also be an enjoyable experience with spring weather right around the corner. Flowers will start blooming and the fresh air will feel great after a long winter indoors. Walking may put a spring in your step to get your day going in the right direction.
Many people find yoga to be a relaxing way to start or end the day.  Starting off with morning yoga may be what you need to feel stress free for the day! However, if you are stressed from a long work day it might just be what you need to unwind at the end of the day. The Midway Weekender is a great bag to bring along to a hot yoga class. The elastic straps can carry your yoga mat and the zippered compartment is a good place to keep extra shoes or sweat clothes.
Po Campo Yoga Bag
This week for my personal wellness I decided to walk to school instead of taking the CTA. It is only a little over a mile from my apartment to school so I didn’t even have to sacrifice my sleeping time! I had finals this week so I didn’t have any books to carry.  I brought with me my Roscoe Crossbody because I was able to bring my pens, phone, a snack, a notebook and my wallet and not have to carry a huge school bag. The fresh air and exercise helped me focus before my final and the walk after the test was relaxing and enjoyable.
Start shopping for a Po Campo bag that will help you with your wellness and fitness goals!

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