Sky Stripes- What Inspires Us?

Ever take the time to lay back and watch the magic of what can happen in the sky? Spending the evening watching the sunset, or an afternoon gazing at the clouds? This is what led us to the inspiration of our new Sky Stripes Pattern!

Our new Sky Stripes pattern is so exciting because it truly represents exploring limitless adventures that come your way in life. The inspiration for the pattern came from watching white puffy clouds float by in the clear blue sky. That is how we created the beautiful contrast of blue and off white stripes for our bags.  Nothing says springtime more than laying back and watching the clouds merge in the afternoon sky!

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The sky was the jumping point of inspiration for our Sky Stripes pattern. The inspiration was translated into a pattern based on the unique interpretation of the sky and colors. Sky Stripes can capture the feeling of the expanding sky at any stage. The happiness you feel on a bright blue-skied day or watching a sunset can be represented by ombre stripes.  Natural, and worn colors represent the warmth you feel from the sun shinning down on you on a cloudless day.

This wonderful inspiration translated into a fabric represents everything we love about spring!

Find your perfect bag in our Sky Stripes pattern!

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