Our New Midway Weekender Has Arrived!

The Midway Weekender is truly a hybrid bag! The flexible functionality will allow you to carry it along almost anywhere. With all these options deciding where to take the Weekender first will be the hardest decision you have to make!
Whether you are traveling for a weekend or a week, you can surely fit everything you need to take along in the Weekender without feeling swamped with luggage.  There is plenty of space inside the bag to fit clothing, accessories and toiletries as well as the zippered compartment for extra shoes! The best part is it will even fit as a carry-on bag for airplanes- can’t beat convenience like that!
But the versatility of the Weekender doesn’t stop there! Try taking it to the gym for a truly all-inclusive gym bag. You can carry you yoga mat on the side with the elastic straps so you can stay handsfree. Also, keeping your extra shoes, wet swimsuit, or sweaty clothes separate from all your other items will be easy with the bottom zippered compartment! It’s great to carry along whether you go straight from work to the gym or using it for your weekend yoga class!
The options of where you take the Weekender are truly limitless. It’s the perfect size for a week vacation or a weekend trip but is still great for accompanying you to the gym or taking out for a day trip to the beach or picnic in the park!
Shop for your Midway Weekender now and see where you will take it!

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