Best Bike Halloween Costumes

While you’re agonizing over your fabulous costume for Hallow’s Eve, your poor, loyal bike is sitting in it’s corner, hoping that this is the year it’ll finally get in on that sweet, sweet candy action! Turn your transport into triumph with a fantastic Halloween costumes centered around your trusty bike. Here’s some of our favorites.


Bike Halloween Costume Source: Wisconsin Bike Fed


For Every Girl Who Ever Wanted a Horse:

Animate- horsimate?- your bike this year with this fantastic horse and jockey costume. Made from paper mache, this costume would take a few hours of work, but could easily win first prize in a Halloween parade. Don’t forget the glossy paint, your “horse” (and we don’t blame you at all for naming her) should have a top-notch mane! Add a red jacket and riding helmet and you’re ready for the Preakness.

Bike Halloween Costume - ET Source:


For the Child of the 80s:

A low-key costume that let’s you stay comfy in a sweatshirt? Absolutely! All you need for this bike costume is a milk crate, basket, or, as the photo shows, box with lines drawn on, a piece of white cloth, and an ET mask or stuffed toy. Add jeans and a red sweatshirt, and don’t forget to phone home to tell them about your awesome holiday duds!

Bike Halloween Costume Source:

For the Classic Costume:

Got a black outfit? Throw it on, tie or bolt a broomstick to it (carefully out of the way of the wheels, btw) and you’re a witch with some seriously cool transportation. We’re not sure exactly how they pulled off the handlebar-less look for the bike costume above, but be sure to ride- or fly- carefully if you decide to mimic this gravity-defying look.

Bike Halloween Costumes - Pee Wee Source:

For the Quirky:

This throwback PeeWee Herman costume works best if you’ve got a shiny red bike, but with that qualification, it can be simple and fun! Slick back your hair, throw on an oversized suit (don’t forget the bowtie) and your ready to follow your bike through any crazy adventure that comes your way. Just remember, there’s no basement at the Alamo!

Bike Halloween Costume - Bike Lane Source: Pinterest


For the Politically Savvy:

Like a side of local politics with your costume? Then we love this biker-friendly bike-lane costume, which you can easily make out of a black sweatsuit and fabric paint or even masking tape. Though your bike may not be dressed up itself, it will still appreciate your advocating for its safety!

So go on, make your bike’s Halloween wishes come true. It’ll probably be so happy to be included, it won’t notice that you’ve stolen the last Three Musketeers bar!


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