Foldable Bike Helmets for the Bike Commuter

Stumped with what to do with your bulky bike helmet when you're not riding? Or want to have a helmet when riding bike share but don't want to lug one around with you everyday? A foldable helmet might be just what you need. Keep reading to learn about your options.

Updated May 13, 2019 

Ah, the helmet question. It may surprise you, but whether to wear a helmet while city biking is a subject of heated debate. We don't want to wade into that argument in this post, except to say that there's nothing wrong with wanting to wear a helmet while biking. But what to do with it when you arrive at your destination?

Foldable helmets(Image source)

Well, until foldable helmets came around, you basically had two options: carry your bulky helmet around with you, and spend your day apologizing to everyone when your helmet inevitably bumps into them; or clip it to your bike and hope it didn't get stolen or vandalized.

Moreover, with bike share systems popping up across the country, the concept of a spontaneous bike trip is now a real thing. But who would want to tote around a bulky bike helmet on the off chance you might hop on a bike that day?

Foldable bike helmets are the perfect solution to these problems because they can easily fold up and fit inside your Po Campo bag. Here are five models to choose from:

1. Carrera Folding Helmet

One of the first entrants to the foldable helmet market comes from Carrera, and it has more of an accordion action than a folding one. As you can see in this photo, the helmet gets smaller when collapsed, but not a LOT smaller.

Folding helmet: CarreraImage source

However, the accordion functionality does make it fit snuggly on your head regardless of how big your head is. Because it has been around for a longer amount of time, it is available in a bunch of colors and finishes, which is always nice. Available from Wheel & Sprocket for $195.

2. Closca Folding Helmet

Rather than compressing side-to-side, the Closca folding helmet compresses top-to-bottom, reducing its volume by more than 50%. For longtime Po Campo fans, if this helmet looks kind of familiar to you, it's because we partnered with them on our Bike Share Bag Kickstarter campaign in 2014!

Closca & Priority Bikes foldable bike helmet

The standard Closca helmet is €120, but you can get this collab between Closca and Priority Bikes for $79.99 Shop now.

3. FEND Foldable Helmet

The FEND takes the helmet collapsing concept further with its resilient joint system that fans open and closed. The resulting design collapses small enough to slip into a bag, with the added benefit of insanely awesome venting when in "expanded" mode. We at Po Campo love helmet venting because it keeps your head cool, which is so valuable for your summer bike commutes!

FEND folding bike helmetImage source

Now available on for $99

4. Morpher Folding Helmet

The Morpher first launched on Indiegogo back in 2013 and we're happy to see that it finally made it to the market. We knew the engineering on this helmet would be challenging because it amazingly folds in half. We believe this gives the Morpher the prize for most volume reduction in its folded form.

Foldable helmet: Morpher

(Image source)

You can get your hands on this impressive feat of engineering on Morpher's website for $149.


5. Overade Plixi Foldable Helmet

The Overade Plixi helmet collapses in three steps, each with a satisfying click. Watching it collapse reminds us of our old Transformer toys as kids. This "collapsing" functionality reduces its volume threefold.

Foldable helmet: Overade Plixi(Image source)

The most recent version - the Plixi Fit -  has a specially designed adjustable fit system for maximum comfort. Available for 99€ on Overade's website.

6. Park & Diamond Collapsible Helmet

Park & Diamond collapsible bike helmet
(Image source)

The latest entrant to the foldable/collapsible helmet category comes from Park & Diamond. Looking (and feeling - our Founder Maria tried it on and said it was "very comfortable") like a baseball cap with a huge brim, the Park & Diamond "crushes" down with a unique structure. It is scheduled to launch this summer and you can pre-order it for 50% off ($89) on Indiegogo.

Also...Thousand Lockable Helmet

Okay, this isn't a folding or collapsing helmet, but the Thousand helmet has one feature that makes it worth including here. This vintage bike helmet is designed to be locked to your bike so that you don't have to carry it around with you.

Lockable Bike helmet(Image source)

The helmet's PopLock® was incorporated specifically to make the helmet lockable to your bike. Genius! Helmets start at $89 on Thousand's website.

Have you tried any of these helmets? Please share your experiences in the comments below!


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