A holiday shopping party – CRAVE style

Yesterday I participated in the cleverly named Holiday CRAVEings shopping party for CRAVE, the nationwide organization that connects women entrepeneurs. I sold a bunch of bags and met a bunch of fabulous women! The big pleasure of doing these shopping events is having the chance to personally introduce Po Campo to new customers and to hear what women love about our bags. Since this was a holiday show, I spruced up our typical display with some Christmas decorations, including a tree with reflective pins as ornaments. It was so cute!

If you read my other show round-ups, you know that I also really enjoy meeting the other small business owners, talking shop and sharing my findings with you. So, here they are:

Shoe Fancy
I sat next to Kathryn of Protect Your Pumps and Shalina of Baubles At Your Feet, two great little companies with products for protecting and embellishing your favorite shoes.


Thin plastic strips keep your soles looking brand new after miles of wear


Shalina makes jewelry for your shoes!


Reinvented Furniture
On the other side of me was Kelly from Twice, an interior designer who restores classic furniture. She makes gorgeous pieces!


Refinished lamp


Felted pillow

Art & Jewelry
Across from me was the lovely Tania, who makes her beautiful paintings and jewelry under her name Tania Roda Milans. I totally adored all of her pieces, especially the jewelry made from found/repurposed objects, like old keys and medallions.


Paintings and jewelry

The show was/is Po Campo’s only holiday show. I know I should do more, but December is so busy already, I don’t know how other people do it! I’m looking forward to attending the One of a Kind show at Merchandise Mart next weekend. I’ll probably see some of my new acquaintances there as well, plus discover a lot more cool female entrepreneurs.

What shows do you like to visit during December?

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