Me and My Poncho

Today was forecasted to be 50˚F and sunny, and, to me, that means…it’s PONCHO WEATHER!! I own a poncho made from baby alpaca wool that I bought in Peru, and I love it so much. It’s cuddly, bright and reminds me of a wonderful place.

My absolute favorite thing to do is traveling to other countries. I like stay in budget accommodations, take public transportation and eat street food. I find it to be both a wonderful escape and a grounding experience because it helps put my life in perspective.


Peruvian craftswoman and her llama


The hills surrounding Cusco

In 2010, my husband and I went to Cusco in Peru, home of Incan civilization. We enrolled in an intensive Spanish class (I was skeptical of going to school on vacation but it turned out to be incredibly fun – you should try it) and saw all the sights in this incredibly historically rich area, including, of course Machu Picchu. It’s truly a magical spot on earth.


Machu Picchu, with llamas and bright colors


Posing for a photo, with an alpaca

On travels, I like to buy a piece of indigineous clothing that I can wear while there and then to remind me of the trip when I return. Well, in theory anyway. I have a bad track record of never wearing these items again because they just don’t seem to be “right” in Chicago, like I’m wearing a costume rather than just an outfit.

My poncho from Peru is an exception. It is still something different from what I would normally wear, but instead of making me feel odd, it makes me feel fabulous. I love how it is warm and colorful and covers my arms without the weight of a jacket. It’s great for biking in. You can also cross your arms or twiddle your thumbs beneath it without anybody seeing.

This particular poncho comes with the added bonus of the memory of myself bargaining for it in the marketplace and all the places I’ve been with it, but I found some more ponchos that I may add to my collection (or would be perfect for starting a new one!).

From l-r:
Free People Vintage Knit Poncho, $228
Quicksilver Check Stripe Poncho, $72
LOFT Blanket Stripe Poncho, $70
Urban Outfitters Floral Shawl, $109

What are some of your favorite keepsakes from travels?

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