Reflective is the new white/black.

I have a hunch that reflective accents and trim is a huge fashion trend in the making. And why not? It’s always good to be seen, especially for city living when you are often out and about after dark. Here are 4 of my favorite brands that have taken fashionable reflectivity to a new level. And guess what — they are all led by women!


1. Lost Values


Lost Values LFLECT

Until stumbling upon Lost Values‘s feminine, reflective accessories a few years ago, I always thought “reflective” meant an ugly safety vest. I’ve always been fascinated by how old meets new and love how they successfully combine new materials with old craft techniques. Founder Elena Corchero calls it Technology Artisan, which sums it up pretty well.

2. Vespertine


Verspertine NYC Haute Reflecture™

I absolutely adore the pieces in Sarah Canner’s Vespertine line because she is not afraid to make safety sexy and bold. Or, as she puts it, “[Vespertine] makes navigating through night traffic feel like springtime in the park.” A 2012 recipient of the ISPO Brand New Awards, Sarah’s Haute Réflecture™ makes style and safety attainable. Watch her video!

3. We-Flashy


We-Flashy: Reflective Clothing for Modern Times

I met We-Flashy back in April at the New Amsterdam Bike Show (see my blog post here) and just fell in love with that polka-dotted reflective sweatshirt on the left in the photo montage above. Simple yet whimsical reflective designs on comfortable fabrics = winner. Owned by Alex Vessels and Mindy Tchieu, they launched their brand last year after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

4. Georgia in Dublin


Georgia in Dublin

I was forwarded a Georgia In Dublin video earlier this year and thought her products were so cute and clever. I particularly like the Mondrian-inspired reflective vest and her classic tailoring of jackets and apparel. Like Lost Values, she has a certain old-meets-new aesthetic that I find quite charming. Maybe that’s a UK thing. Anyway, I was fortunate enough to share a booth with Georgia during Eurobike (see my blog post here) and now I can say how absolutely delightful both Georgia and her mom are in person. Side note: they camped (!!) during the trade show and showed up each morning looking spectacular even after chilly nights and rainstorms. I was quite impressed.

Po Campo


Po Campo Reflective

My own use of reflectivity is not quite as deliberate as the ladies’ above, but I do try to include some reflective trim in most Po Campo pieces because it is nice to feel visible an night, regardless of if you are biking or walking. Often, people don’t notice all the reflective bits on our bags until you take a photo with flash and they just light up! Want a reflective bird pin for yourself? Use coupon code Pin44 to get one for just $4 (50% off). Reflect yourself!

If you’re looking for even more stylish reflective wear, please visit our Pinterest “Reflective” board for ideas.

Who else is doing amazing things with reflectivity? Please share!


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