Backpacks With Reflective Material Shine Light on Safety

When you’re riding your bike, feeling the wind on your face and the energy it takes to pedal your way across sidewalks, roads, and trails, you feel like you’re the only person out there. You’re in the zone—focused, enveloped by beauty, and grounded by the sound of your breath. Free to follow your path with no worries except navigating your way to your destination—and sharing the road with everyone else who’s in their zone. 

Sharing the road can be both invigorating and a little dangerous. At Po Campo, we’ve designed reflective backpacks with both you and the other guy in mind. We focus on comfort, functionality, safety, and durability so you can focus on the journey.

Backpacks with reflective material aren’t just for cyclists. They are also useful on a scooter or while walking at dawn, dusk, or in the dark. They are an easy way to stay visible no matter what you are doing! 

Backpacks with Reflective Material

It’s vital for people living an active lifestyle to have the freedom to pick up and go without being burdened by clunky bags that can slow you down or throw you off balance. The largest bag in our new City Lights Collection, the Ara Reflective Backpack, is designed to meet those needs and more.

Ara Backpack

This reflective backpack will make you visible to everyone with whom you’re sharing the road. While you’re practicing cycling safety, the reflective panels strategically placed on the backpack work with and for you. Whether our backpacks pick up the headlights of a car or a fellow cyclist’s bike light, you can ride with added confidence, knowing we’ve got your back.

 The City Lights Collection was engineered for urban cyclists and scooterists but is useful for any daily activity. The Ara Reflective Backpack has a spacious main compartment and extra pockets that easily fit everything you’ll need for a day of adventure. The Ara’s size and ultimate functionality make it a great choice for biking or walking. Carefully crafted with reflective Visi-Hemp® fabric, the Ara features reflective panels, retractable scooter attachment hook, and help harness. 

Bags, Slings, and Other Things with Reflective Material

Your concern for safety extends to loved ones. There’s nothing more freeing than hitting the road or your favorite trail with your family or a group of friends. However, there’s nothing that can spoil your sense of adventure more quickly than feeling a member of your tribe is in danger.

We’ve designed backpacks with reflective material and other reflective products with everyone in mind. 

Best Reflective Backpack for Kids

Zinger Reflective Backpack for Kids

Our Zinger Backpack Pannier is one of our best reflective backpacks for kids. It’s perfect for a day of fun or a day of learning. This backpack features reflective accents, padded shoulder straps, and water-resistant coated fabric.

Reflective Gear for Everyone

Mardy Backpack Pannier


The Mardy Backpack Backpack Pannier has reflective striping and high-viz accents. This backpack pannier attaches to your bike with super-strong Fidlock® magnetic buckles. It even has an insulated cold storage compartment to keep your lunch fresh or store a few last-minute grocery items.

Our City Lights Collection features the Vega Sling, the Aster Hip Pack, and the Beta Mini Sling. Each bag fulfills different needs. Every bag is equipped with reflective Visi-Hemp® fabric that keeps you illuminated wherever you go. They’re also highly versatile, lightweight, and comfortable.

Aster Hip Pack

The Aster Hip Pack, for example, clips around your waist while you ride, or slings over your shoulder when it’s time to jump off your bike and continue your journey on foot. Reflective features throughout help keep you safe. The premium wicking padding and adjustable straps keep you comfortable all day. 

Other Popular Reflective Accessories

When you’re looking for accessories to add further visibility, we’ve got you covered. We offer Breathable Face Masks in sizes that accommodate small children up through adults and include reflective striping. 

Reflector Pin 2 Pack

Our Reflector Pin 2-Pack adds extra visibility while biking, running, dog-walking, or for kids coming home from school. You can easily clip them to a backpack, or just about anywhere on your clothing. Bonus: they’re fashionable, too!


bicycle visibility flag - pizzetta


While we wouldn’t suggest eating pizza while you’re trekking up a mountainside or racing your way to work, we would highly recommend our Safety Pizzetta Bicycle Visibility Flag. This delicious bicycle safety gear is composed of a high-visibility, reflective “crust” and reflective “toppings” that you apply yourself. Bonus: you’ll bring visibility to your bike and a smile to people’s faces! 

At Po Campo, we’ve taken the time to build the highest quality waterproof reflective backpacks and other reflective items. We know that on-the-go people are concerned with comfort, functionality, and safety. With reflective gear, you can eliminate worries and focus on your next adventure.


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