Q & A with PoCampo: The Skirt Test

“I always feel like I always need to wear pants; how do I know which of my skirts are good for biking in?”

No worries. We have a three question test to determine if a skirt is good enough to bike in.  Once you’ve determined the right skirt for the ride, just hop on and get going!

Question #1: The Movability Test

“Can I stand with my feet wide apart in this skirt?”

*You should be able to stand with legs, at least, shoulder’s length apart while also being able to stand with legs spread front to back within that same distance.


Question #2: The Length Test

“Is my skirt too short, or too long?”

*If you divide your leg in thirds from the hip to the knee, a perfect length for a ridable “short skirt” should be within the bottom third. This means that the shortest your skirt should be when riding a bicycle is about 5 inches above the knee-cap. If you divide you leg in thirds from the foot to the knee, the lengthiest your skirt should be, without getting caught in the wheel of your bicycle, is in the top third. In other words,  the longest a skirt should be is about 5 inches below the knee. 5 inches below the knee to 5 inches above the knee, this is the Golden Zone.



Question #3: The Marilyn Monroe Poof Test

“Is my skirt weighted enough to stay down in windy circumstances?”

*You must make sure that your skirt is heavy enough for those windy days. What’s the material? Heavier canvas? Flowing linen?  Is it double layered? This is the question that has the most variating factors and depends on the confidence that you have in your clothing. There are, however a number of solutions out there that may solve this problem.



Check out Maria Boustead’s Youtube video for more guidance on skirts for riding!


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