Autumn Fan Photos and a New Winner

We just had our first snow flurries last night, so what better time to look back at the wonderful fall Po Campo and Me Photos we received. Thank you to everyone who sent in images!


Paula from Finland


Boating on Lake Vanajavesi in Hämeenlinna, Finland.

Melissa with her Armitage Satchel

Penelope with her Loop Pannier

Nanette with her Armitage Satchel

From a vacation in Ireland, with a Benedictine monastery in the background.

Deb from Northampton, MA

On the way home from work. Very cycle chic!

Cara from Baton Rouge, LA

Catching beads at the Halloween parade in Baton Rouge

And now, our October winner…

Congratulations to Penelope!

Maria and I have really enjoyed seeing everyone’s photos, from your everyday commutes to fun vacations. You can see all the images on our Facebook Album. The Po Campo and Me Raffle is going on a short hiatus over the holidays, but watch for a brand new contest in 2013. We’d still love to see great photos of you and your bag, so please keep sending them to

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