2014 Color Trends - For you and your bike!

Po Campo 2014 Spring Color Trends

Whether you’re looking for a snazzy new paint job for your beloved bike, or a great new wardrobe for yourself, spring colors are the perfect choice. Sunny, full of life, and never dull or dark, spring colors can help beat back the winter doldrums and get you fantasizing about picnics, trail rides, fresh produce, and all the wonderful opportunities of spring. Here are our favorite spring colors of the year, for both you and your bike!



Yellow is a color that seemed to disappear for a few decades- maybe it was all those smiley faces in the 70s. Now it’s back with a vengeance and in a positive riot of different shades, all perfect for springtime. Choosing the right yellow for you will often depend on your coloring. Fair people with light skin, hair, and eyes, typically look best in paler yellow shades, like lemon. Medium toned skin or hair looks great in a pure, sunflower or schoolbus yellow. If you’re darker, go bold and gorgeous with a tone like wheat or mustard; it’s a big choice, but it will pay off!


Po Campo 2014 Spring Color Trends Source: InStyle

Mmm, this cool, collected shade makes us think of meringues, milkshakes, and mint chocolate ice cream. Mint is a shade that’s quickly becoming a spring staple, thanks to its unique look and versatile nature. Mint is flattering to many different skin tones and hair colors, but be aware that it is generally considered cool-toned in nature. This means that people with blue undertones in their skin will tend to look better.

A good way to test if you’ll look great in mint is to ask whether you look better in gold or silver. If silver, than mint is for you. If gold, then opt for warmer spring greens like grass and clover, or use it as an accent shade in a warmer-toned outfit.


2014 Spring Color Trends
Source: InStyle

Coral is another dazzling hue tailor-made for springtime. A little warm, a little sexy, coral works everywhere from the office to a night of salsa dancing. You can’t be a shrinking violet in coral; this is a color to grab- and hold- people’s attention. If you’re on the pale side, be sure to accent a coral look with bright lipstick to avoid looking faded or not-quite-up to the color.

Finding colors to pair with coral can be a little tricky, but there are a few sure bets: turquoise, gold, khaki, and aqua are sure bets. For a monochrome look, pair coral with pale peach. 

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