3 Bike-Friendly Hairstyles That You Can Do

A dutch crown braid may sound like a fantastic idea, until you try to fit your queenly strands under a helmet! Alas, bike helmets are unkind to hair in general, but don’t resign yourself to eternal helmet hair quite yet. We’ve rounded up some great coifs that will survive your helmet and be pretty enough for just about any event.

Just a word of warning with these or any biking hairstyles: be sure to practice them with your helmet to ensure they don’t mess with the fit. Great hair is worth a lot, but its certainly not worth compromising your safety on a bike!

The Simple Flip:

Bike Friendly Hairstyles - Braid 

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One key to bike-friendly hairstyles is setting the style low on your head. The flip is a great alternative to a plain low pony, adding an extra element that transforms a blah style into pure elegance. To make the flip, simply gather your hair in an elastic at the base of your head, make a hole just above the elastic, and pull your tail over and down through the hole.

The Barrel Roll:

This is a simple updo  for shorter hair lengths that’s snazzy enough for work or brunch, but don’t skimp on the hairspray; it’ll help keep it intact against winds and pressure from your helmet. Pull hair all the way over to one side and hit the back with hairspray, then pin it firmly at the base of the neck. Take your loose strands and roll them up toward the pins, then pin the roll in place and spritz with hairspray again. The double set of pins at the base and top of the roll will help hold it, just make sure the roll is below where the bottom of your helmet ends.

The Braided Headband:

A braid that will help keep your hair out of your face? We didn’t know it was possible, but it is with this simple French braid trick. Part your hair slightly to one side, then grab a section from the front of the side with more hair that’s about three inches wide. French braid along your hairline until the whole section is incorporated, then braid normally the rest of the length.

Repeat the braiding with the front section from the other side. You should now have a small french braid on each side that runs along your hairline. Pin the two braids under the rest of your hair, then style the loose strands over them as a ponytail, low bun, or even a flip! Still not sure if you can do it? Here's a video:

Whether it’s brunch after a mountain bike ride, a business meeting along the bike path, or a day-long date that starts with a leisurely side-by-side cycle, any of these great bike-friendly hairstyles will prevent the dreaded helmet hair and give you pretty, soft texture all day long.

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