The Cutest Biking Shoes Spring Has to Offer

Biking fashion tends toward the utilitarian, but spring trends are all about celebrating this pretty season. So how can these diverging aesthetics ever work together? Luckily, some of the best and smartest designers in the world have heard our cries, and designed biking shoes that are both functional and adorable. 

For a Sunday Biking Date:

  Source: Topshop

Riding along the beach path or through the old town neighborhood? You’ll want a cute shoe that still gives you some support, and something like these Merrily Suede Open Lace-up shoes are the perfect option. In a seasonally stunning mint hue, these give the look of a sandal while still having enough of a sole to keep your tootsies from tiring.

For Everyday Rides:


Source: Kate Spade Saturday

If you’re looking to avoid the hardcore exercise look of most biking shoes, a pair that considers both style and substance is the perfect match. We love these high-top sneakers from Kate Spade Saturday’s collaboration with PF Flyers. They’ll look cute with skirts, shorts or pants!

For an Easy Trail Ride:


Source: Tracey Neuls

If you like the kind of rides that get you off concrete without putting you into too much of the wilderness, you’ll need a sturdier shoe that can stand up to tougher conditions. That doesn’t mean your only choices are bulky! Tracey Neuls has some great options, including these adorable grey booties. They’re a little pricey, but so, so adorable!

For Mountain Biking:


Source: REI

You’re hardcore, and so are your shoes, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice cuteness for quality! Feel like a badass springtime warrior in these great black and teal mountain biking shoes that feature serious carbon fiber soles that can stand up to anything, and even fight foot odor with an anti-microbial finish!

Whether you’re taking a leisurely pace along the boardwalk or running sprints up the toughest trail on the mountain, rest assured that great shoes can make all the difference. So add a pair or two to your spring wardrobe wishlist, get shopping, and get cycling today!

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