6 Hairstyles to Wear Under Your Helmet

Let’s get this discussion out of the way: HELMET HAIR. WE DON’T LIKE IT! Eleanor’s NYC first guest post is about 6 autumn-appropriate hairstyles to wear under you bike helmet. Read on!

Fall, of all seasons, is about reinvention and renewal. When summer ends and the cooler temps allow everyone to finally (and literally) let their hair down, we’re usually dazzled by the reappearance of flowing tresses, new angled short cuts, braids galore, and styles that are thrown in a twist for a throwback do. When it comes to fall, hair, and bike helmets, having a stylish mane it’s totally doable and we are here to show you how to style those tresses under a bike helmet throughout the cooler season.

Helmet Friendly Hairstyles  

Image courtesy of Little Winter Bride

Helmet Friendly Hairstyles  

Half Braided Crown image courtesy of Cup of Jo

1. Half Braided Crown: This is perfect for curly hair under your bike helmet. This style is a feminine, flattering and grown-up look on and off your bike.

Helmet Friendly Hairstyles  

Three Twisted Bun image courtesy Cup of Jo

2. Three Twisted Bun: Casual enough to wear every day, but high-fashion enough to wear on a bike ride out. To get the look right, you’ll want to start with second-day hair that’s either naturally straight or blown out to get a smooth texture — that’s what gives this ‘do its sculptural effect.

Helmet Friendly Hairstyles  

Velvet Turban image courtesy of Gold Saturn

3. The Velvet Turban: Turbans are perfect for those days when you really cannot bother with managing your hair and yet want to pull off a chic look. Velvety enough to keep your head warm and still looking fashionista, we also love these printed turbans by Robin Hoods that are perfect for wearing under your bike helmet.

Helmet Friendly Hairstyles  

Messy Head image courtesy of Creative Fan

4. Messy Head: With varying lengths to play with—from hovering around the shoulders to an inch-long pixie cut—the short messy look offers more options that you think. And in terms of styling, there are alternatives aplenty to the basic, blunt, overly poofy mushroom head in a bike helmet. Plus messy fringes are always cute looking after a bike ride.

Helmet Friendly Hairstyles  

The Leia Braid image courtesy of Refinery 29

5. The Leia Braid: Sacrificing safety over style doesn’t need to happen along a twisted braid. Although we love a do that’s easy to fit in a bike helmet, we can’t get over how elegant and genius this style easy suits our safety.

Helmet Friendly Hairstyles  

Not-So-Ladylike-Twist image courtesy of Refinery 29

6. Not So Lady Like Twist: This twisted textured style is a little prim with bad ladyness, perfect for those rigorous bike rides when you’re feeling like a wonder lady on two wheels.

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