Falling in love with the Roscoe Crossbody

I designed the Roscoe Crossbody after realizing that there was no bag in our line that would be perfect for sight-seeing. You know, a slim profile to move through crowds, hideaway pockets to stow important documents, space for things you need throughout the day. During a recent vacation to Turkey, I used it daily, and loved it! Psst: Coupon code after the jump.

The genesis for most of our bag designs comes out of identifying an occasion that doesn’t have a good bag for it yet. During my trip to India back in 2011, I wished for a crossbody bag that would pack flat in my luggage, expand to hold a day’s worth of sight-seeing items, and have lots of secret pockets for hiding your passport, large bills and whatnot. For that trip, I used the Pilsen Bungee daily, and while that is a great bag that holds plenty for a day, it does not fold flat and does not have secret pockets. Hence, the seed of the idea for the Roscoe Crossbody was planted.

While I’ve used my Roscoe Crossbody plenty this year since releasing it in Spring, my trip to Turkey was the first time I got to use it for the occasion I had originally designed it for – traveling. It performed perfectly!


– It packed flat in my backpack
– I could easily fit in my wallet, guidebook, sunglasses, Kindle, notebook and a small bottle of water (pretty much my standard day’s supplies while on the road!)
– I used the front pocket for easy access to my street maps and the inside zippered pocket for hiding big bills and/or my passport
– The key fob worked well for making sure no hotel keys were misplaced
– Not that there is a lot of crime in Turkey, but I definitely felt more secure  having such a flat bag that I could press up against me in crowded trains or marketplaces. I also appreciated that the main zipper is “submerged” because it makes it less obvious how to get into it.

Surprisingly, of all the features of the Roscoe, the fact that it is so flat is probably the thing that I liked the best. In addition to easy packing and moving through crowded areas, it was quite comfortable to rest the bag on my lap under my napkin while in restaurants. That way, I didn’t have to worry about it being lifted from the bag of my chair or getting dirty on the floor, allowing me to just relax and enjoy a tasty meal of mezzes and kebob.

I enjoyed using this bag so much that I seriously want everyone to own one. From today Nov 20 through Nov 24, take 15% off all Roscoe Crossbodies with code Roscoe15. Shop Now!

And, finally, some photos of my Roscoe and me enjoying our time in Turkey:


Me, in Bodrum, where the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas converge. Absolutely beautiful!


Me and Roscoe, at the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus


My Roscoe enjoying the sunshine near the Ephesus amphitheater.

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