Uniforms as a Self-Expressive Fashion Statement

Last weekend, I went to “The Uniform Project” opening and runway show by Jamie Hayes, which explored what real people wear everyday and why. It gave me a lot to chew on, thinking about what we wear and what it says about us. I think I need a uniform!

Over the last year, Jamie collaborated with 27 men and women to custom design for them their ideal uniform. The uniforms ranged from the practical to the symbolic, each grounded in the individual’s sense of identity and his or her take on fashion. Below are some of my favorites from the fashion show and you can read and see more about the pieces on Jamie’s website Past Perfect.

The show struck a chord with me personally, too. I recently cleaned out my closet (well over half of it!) because the majority of my clothes didn’t feel like “me” anymore. Since then, I’ve barely bought anything new because I can’t decide what I want or what IS me. A major wardrobe identity crisis! I left the show feeling rather contemplative and inspired, feeling the bud of a uniform idea starting to sprout in my imagination. I think I may be Jaime’s next project.

Unsurprisingly at the event, the main topic of conversation was what everybody saw as their uniform. What is your uniform and why do you opt to wear it? Share comments below.


Jamie Hayes, creator of this awesome project, on the left

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