Good Presents for Dad to Use for Biking to Work

Know of a dad addicted to his bike commuting ways and always on the hunt for cool bike accessories? With Bike Month behind us and Father's Day on the horizon, we assembled a list of good presents for dad to use for biking to work.

Technical Apparel for Biking to Work Ease

It used to be that you could only find technical apparel in the sporting goods or outdoor store, but fortunately times have changed. Brands like Outlier, Ligne 8, Parker Dusseau, and BetaBrand are all producing apparel in technical fabric that is decidedly office appropriate. These make good presents for dad because he'll appreciate their performance characteristics all year round, even on days that he doesn't bike.

Here are four of our favorite bottoms from this season:

Good Presents for Dad to Use for Biking to Work - Pants(l-r) Outlier Slim Dungarees ($198), Ligne 8 Seville Trouser ($178),  Parker Dusseau Commuter Suit Pant ($175)


Hi-Tech Bike Accessories

If dad loves both biking to work and technology, there are plenty of cool bike accessories on the market that incorporate both of these things. It goes without saying that these make good presents for dad.

Does he want use the energy from your bike to charge your devices while he rides? Siva Cycle's The Atom charger does that. What about wiring his bike to keep him safer? The Helios handlebars have turning signals, while the See Sense bike lights detect how bright of a light it needs to be. Lastly, aren't keys so 2013? The Bitlock is a bike lock that he can lock and unlock with his smartphone. Pretty rad!

Good Presents for Dad to Use for Biking to Work - Tech Bike Accessories(clockwise from top left) Siva Cycle The Atom Charger ($130), Helios Handlebars ($279), See Sense Intelligent Cycle Light (£45), Bitlock ($119)

Lo-Fi Bike Accessories

Some good presents for dads who like biking to work are of the simpler variety. Classic bike bags and cool bike accessories that don't require batteries fit the bill here. Our own Loop Pannier doubles as a laptop bag for 13" computers (take 15% off with code DadsDay through Father's Day). After years of development and much anticipation, Morpher's folding biking helmet is finally ready for pre-order. This helmet folds so small - it'll fit in the aforementioned Loop Pannier! 

You've seen bike beer carriers before, but this is the first bike growler carrier we've seen. Cicada Leather Works offers personalization on this cool leather growler koozie, and combining it with a growler of his favorite local craft beer would make good presents for dad. Lastly, are you tired of his bikes all over the place? The Cycloc Solo Bike storage unit is an elegant way to store bikes on any wall.

Good Presents for Dad - Low Fi Cool Bike Accessories(clockwise from top left) Po Campo Loop Pannier ($100), Morpher Folding Bike Helmet ($109), Cicada Leather Company Growler Koozie ($75), Cycloc Solo Bike Storage (£40)

We hope you find our suggestions for good presents for dad to use when biking to work helpful as you shop for Father's Day this year. As a reminder, use code DadsDay for 15% off our Father's Day Gifts Collection through Father's Day.

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