Nonprofit Partnership: Community Cycling Center

Po Campo is proud to be partnering with Portland's Community Cycling Center (CCC) to raise funds for their Youth Bike Club. From June 8-12, we'll be donating 50% of the sales from select bags to CCC! Use coupon code CCC for 15% off all bags in the CCC Special Collection

Shop the special collection now, and keep reading to learn more about Community Cycling Center, and why it matters to us.

Community Cycling Center

About the Community Cycling Center and the Youth Bike Club

The Community Cycling Center's mission is to broaden access to bicycling and its benefits. Their vision is to build a vibrant community where people of all backgrounds use bicycles to stay healthy and connected.

The Community Cycling Center's Bike Clubs are earn-a-bike, after-school programs where kids from families living on low incomes learn safe riding skills, basic bike maintenance, and have the chance to build their confidence on two wheels. By working hard throughout the course of the program, participants earn their own refurbished bicycle, new lock, tire levers, patch kit, and helmet to take home.

Community Cycling Center(source)

The Bike Mechanic Challenge

Next Saturday, June 13, is Portland's Bike Mechanic Challenge, which benefits the Community Cycling Center. Mechanics from around the city will compete in a series of fun events in front of a live audience - with a few unexpected twists. You won't be bored for a second, and cheering and heckling are highly encouraged!  And yes, Po Campo bags will be present, in a fun and unexpected way.

Bike Mechanic Challenge(source)

Why We're Partnering with the CCC

We love that they believe that all Portlanders, regardless of their income, education or ethnic background, should have the opportunity to choose healthy, active transportation allowing them to live a long, healthy life. We feel the same about Portlanders, and pretty much everyone else!

We're often told that our bike bags help people overcome barriers to integrating biking into their lives, so we are excited to partner with an organization that has the same goal with their activities.

Shop their special collection now!

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