Fan Photo Contest: May

Our May winner is Angela B. from New York. You can get to know her a little bit better through the Q+A below. Thanks, Clare!

Each month we will be choosing our favorite Po Campo fan photo to display on the blog. We see all of your beautiful pictures on Instagram, but if there are photos you’ve taken with your Po Campo bag that you haven’t posted online, feel free to send them our way! You can email your fan photos to or tag your photos with #pocampo for a chance to win a FREE PO CAMPO BAG.

 1. Something about your hometown: What do you always do with out of town guests? 

I am from Buffalo, New York. Visitors from out of town must go to Canalside. With hundreds of events scheduled throughout the year,
there’s something for everyone. Plus with a ton of free activities, Canalside is the place to be whether you’re looking to unwind, have some fun in the sun, listen to live music, kayak, ice skate or ice bike on the canals. Ice bikes were invented in Buffalo and made their debut last winter!

2. Where is your favorite place to take your Po Campo bag?

I take my Po Campo bag everywhere I take my bike! (And I get compliments on it all the time!)
My favorite is the Monday night Slow Roll events ( Slow Roll was founded in Detroit five years ago and came to Buffalo last year.  Each week participants gather at different venues and take a ride throughout the city, giving the participants a unique look into the city we love.

3. Best (or worst) date you've ever been on

Hands down best date ever was on a Friday the 13th. A beautiful sunset ride on the Miss Buffalo, first time I ever went to Starbucks, walked all over downtown Buffalo, visited a crazy techno club and then promptly proposed to that man in a parking lot. We have since gotten married and raised 6 children!

4. Do you have any pets? Tell us about them!

We have two dogs, Jake and Tucker. Jake is a greyhound rescued from Buffalo Greyhound Adoption . Tucker is a 108 pound black lab from Joyful Rescue in Cuba, NY. We are firm believers in dog rescue and have had multiple rescue dogs for about 10 years now.

5. A favorite tip (or two) about how you incorporate mindfulness and healthy habits into your daily life.

Relieving stress is a huge factor in staying healthy. I have always been creative and crafty. But for the past 8 years I have been knitting. I LOVE to knit. The quiet repetitive act of knitting helps with stress relief. My family and friends have been the benefactors of my many sweaters, hats, scarves, shawls, mittens and baby blankets. I have also learned the art of spinning, both on a spindle and a spinning wheel. Also, knitting and spinning are portable and pack up nicely into my Po Campo bag to take with me on the go!

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