Be Seen. Be Mobile. Giveaway

Be Seen. Be Mobile. Giveaway

Do you find yourself looking for safe and sustainable transportation for work, or errands, to meet friends, go to the gym? Have you dusted off that old bike, or used bike or scooter share systems more than you did before? At Po Campo, we believe it is just easier and more freeing to get yourself around town for those few miles by bike or scooter. So we decided to celebrate this mobile lifestyle in this one-of-a-kind giveaway - the Be Seen. Be Mobile. Giveaway. 

We want you out there doing your thing by bike or scooter and want you to feel safe; to be seen. That is why we brought 7 of our favorite brands together to bring you the ultimate Be Seen. Be Mobile. prize package. Worth $4000, this package will get you around town with style and ease. At the end of September, one lucky winner will take home the entire package.

Be Seen. Be Mobile

Getting from Point A to Point B

With any adventure, getting from Point A to Point B you need just some basics:

  • Mode of transportation
  • Bags to carry your things
  • Helmet 
  • Lights
  • Extra visibility boosters
  • Comfy clothes
  • Snacks
  • Water

And we are here to help you win those basics. Did we say win? Yes. Win. Participating is easy, and no purchase is necessary. 

Be Seen. Be Mobile. Giveaway

Retroglide Royale iE Step Thru

We are so lucky to have Raleigh as a partner in this program. Not only are e-bikes so hot you can hardly get your hands on them, Raleigh’s are top-notch. The Raleigh Retroglide Royale iE Step Through is a premier Class 1 electric bike for staying mobile. The relaxed geometry provides an easy-going riding position, while the downtube-mounted battery keeps the center of gravity low for a balanced feel. Check out all the specs and details here

Raleigh bicycles are designed around one simple idea: make them really, really fun. An idea that inspired their very first bikes in 1887 and continues to inspire how they do things today. After-all, fun makes people happy. We agree. Way to go Raleigh we are right there with you!

Be Seen. Be Mobile. Giveaway

Po Campo Bags

We strive to be a leader in functional, transitional and sustainable bags for the micromobility lifestyle. Part of the ethos of our brand is to design bags that help you be seen and keep you mobile. With the addition of the new Nightlights colorway we have drafted off our ever-popular Brushstrokes pattern, while adding a stylish level of reflectivity to the print for improved visibility. This fall Nightlights comes on the Kinga Handlebar Bag 2 and the Chelsea Trunk Bag. A match made in heaven. Find out more about each bag here.

As part of the prize package, Po Campo is also including the Irving Backpack Pannier 2 because sometimes you just need to carry more. This backpack pannier is a perfect dual personality bag going from backpack to pannier super easily and carrying everything you need from computer to gym clothes.

Be Seen. Be Mobile. Giveaway

Bern Helmet of Your Choice

In this prize package you get to pick the Bern helmet that most suits your style, we chose to feature the new Hudson because of its street-inspired styling and features. The Hudson is Bern’s safest helmet yet; designed to let you stay out there longer, with it's integrated LED light and MIPS safety technology. Check out Bern’s amazing collection of helmets to dream about the one you will pick when you win. And if you pick the Hudson - we know you will be riding in style, comfortably and safely.  

Be Seen. Be Mobile. Giveaway

Club Ride Clothing

Sometimes the seam in your jeans can be a bother, or there just isn’t enough stretch in your shirt when you bend over your handlebars. Clothing that meets the needs of an active lifestyle can be a game changer. Club Ride clothing is designed from a bike perspective that celebrates the outdoor pursuits of every weekend warrior through irreverent style, technical fabrics, and "get out there" vibes. With $250 gift certificate you can pick clothing that meets the needs of your mobile life.

Be Seen. Be Mobile. Giveaway JoJé Bars

JoJé Bars are the best-tasting energy bars you will unwrap! Baked like a soft cookie with all of the nutrients your body needs to fuel your ride, these bars make great snacks for a mobile life. The Po Campo bags have pockets which will safely stash your JoJé bar for that moment you just need a little extra yummy fuel. JoJé Bar was created by Jess Cerra (professional cyclist and personal chef) with the science of performance in mind but with a taste that everyone will love. These bars are delicious and the winner will be able to taste every flavor. Yum. Check them out.

Be Seen. Be Mobile. Giveaway

Lumenus ioLight

ioLight by Lumenus is the world's smartest bike light. Think of it as a bike light with brains. Pair ioLIGHT with the Lumenus mobile APP for GPS based turn signals, automatic intersection flashing, and more features - all designed to keep you seen and safe at night. We can dig that. Did you read that - automatic GPS based turn signals. Nice! 

Be Seen. Be Mobile. Giveaway

Safety Skin Products

Okay we asked these guys to join our giveaway cuz we just thought - Wow how cool! Safety Skin products Reflective Skin Spread is the first reflective product designed to be applied to your skin. Yup - right on your skin. Be seen anytime visibility is reduced - in low light, inclement weather, varied terrain - slap some on and be seen during your activities. How simple. And the prize package also includes their sunscreen. Something we all need to use more of.

Be Seen. Be Mobile. Giveaway

Hydro Flask

Colder. Hotter. Longer. Happier. A Hydro Flask bottle can keep your beverage just the way you like it while on the go. With this prize package you won’t have to decide between your water or your coffee cuz you get to take both with you.  Enjoy a 16oz Coffee with Flex Sip Lid and a 21oz Standard Mouth Water Bottle in the color of your choice.

Be Seen. Be Mobile. Giveaway

Po Camp Face Masks

Po Campo breathable face masks are lightweight made from antimicrobial fabrics with a microfilter layer. Perfect for an active lifestyle. Our face masks come in a 2-pack one of the masks has reflective striping for better visibility when you are out there being mobile. We are proud of these masks, they are getting great reviews for being lightweight and breathable. See what the reviewers say.


Now Enter To Win!

You have as good a chance as anyone else. 

Be Seen. Be Mobile.


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